11 events + 1 designers’ lounge on tap at Universal Furniture in April

HIGH POINT – Universal Furniture, a whole home supplier, has set its schedule of Learning Center events to take place during April High Point Market.

Scheduled from Friday, April 12, through Monday, April 15, all learning center events take place at the Universal showroom at 101 S. Hamilton St., and all events require an RSVP. (See www.universalfurniture.com/marketevents to reserve a spot.)

FRIDAY, April 12

3 p.m. – Masters and Mavericks: A Dialogue of Differences Between Generations Managing Successful Design Firms
Masters and mavericks will explore how time and experience have shaped service offerings, pricing strategies and design processes while delving into the impact of technology on marketing and public relations. Presented by DAA. Speakers: Noz Nozawa, Hadley Keller, Byron Risdon, Peti Lau, Virginia Toledo.

SATURDAY, April 13

10 a.m. – Rates and Fees to Double your Revenue in Half the Time
Join design business strategist and coach Melissa Galt for her proven formulas for flat fees that deliver bigger fees without the headaches of hourly invoicing and tracking.

Noon – How Nightmare Projects Test Your Limits – And Help You Grow
Designers Cate Dunning, Lathem Gordon and Hema Persad discuss recent jobs that hit a roadblock, sharing what went wrong, how they found a new path forward and how they’ve evolved their businesses to protect themselves in the future now that the dust has settled.

2 p.m. – Designing Your Business:  Investing In Business Leaders For Your Firm
A panel of firm experts discuss the business side of interior design. From financials, client experience, finding and hiring the right people, outsourcing back office tasks, and more, these business-minded leaders know the ins and outs of the design profession. Speakers: Adam Wasserman, Mike Yates, Alex Kearney, Ruth Ann Janson, Traci Connell.

4 p.m. – Do You Want Fries with That? Learn how to upsell every client for more profit
Learn how to easily upsell to your existing clients simply by adding on services and products they might not even know they need (and you might not have thought about either). Speaker: John McClain.

SUNDAY, April 14

10 a.m. – Having It All: How to Build Income Now and Create Your Future Financial Freedom
Premier interior design business coach Gail Doby walks you through the steps to develop a business that runs without you day-to-day, allowing you to unleash your creative genius and free up your time.

2 p.m. – The Role of Media in Shaping Client Expectations
Uncover the realities behind media-influenced client expectations regarding project timelines, budgets and the design process. This insightful conversation will equip interior designers with strategies to align client perceptions with the practicalities and nuances of authentic design work. Speakers: Tori Sikkema, Kelli Ellis, Courtney Porter, Ericka Saurit.

4 p.m. – Purchasing Power: Maximize your Firm’s Potential with the Best Digital Tools
Learn how the best in the business structure their office operations, source product and place orders with vendors all while remaining efficient and profitable. Speakers: Julia Nikishina, Keith Granet, Valerie Lambert, Kaitlyn Murphy.

MONDAY, April 15

10 a.m. – Designer Secrets to SEO
Join this panel discussion for SEO insights tailored to interior designers. Speakers: Jen Smiga, Jeanne Chung, Ann Yancy, Mickey Schluter, Jim Thornton.

2 p.m. – Furniture Showrooms Reimagined: New Revenue Streams for Designers
Home builders on the cutting edge of a new customer experience are turning their model homes into furniture showrooms. The same technology powering this new kind of store is also available to designers to monetize their projects. Speakers: Caroline Simmel, Eoin Harrington, Buffy Ferguson.

4 p.m. – Become an IN-DEMAND Designer in 3 Easy Steps
Sandra Funk will share the essentials to creating an incredible client experience, so that your clients will refer you to all their (ideal) friends.

In addition, the Designer’s Lounge will be open Friday, April 12, from noon to 6 p.m., and Saturday through Tuesday, April 13-16, from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. The lounge is available to Universal Furniture To the Trade account holders, and accounts may be opened on the spot. Device charging and free WiFi are available; hair touch-up appointments may be made for Saturday, Sunday or Monday; and a pottery pop-up featuring a local North Carolina artisan will be featured.

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