16 U-Shaped Kitchen Ideas with lots of Storage and Countertop Space

U-shaped kitchens are a popular design due to their ability to easily facilitate clutter-free countertops while providing a natural movement path between everything you need. A U-shaped layout can also give you extra floor space without sacrificing storage space and making food prep a breeze.

From galley kitchens to open plan kitchens and everything in between, u-shaped kitchens can come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and color palettes, giving you a wealth of options to explore. Below, you can find the most inspiring U-shaped kitchen ideas and design tips to help you find inspiration for your next remodel.

A Crisp White U-Shaped Kitchen

A simple, timeless kitchen design, this u-shaped layout showcases a perfect balance between counter space and storage space. The white subway tiles serve as both a backsplash and a full wall protection from greases and other damaging substances while also serving as a source of visual interest.

The black and stainless steel appliances add just a touch of contrast, while the brass-toned hardware provides a sense of sophistication.

A white kitchen with white countertops and a white tile backsplash in a U-shaped layout

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem

A Dark, Dramatic U-Shaped Kitchen

This dramatic black kitchen uses black cabinets and walls in combination with dark wood flooring and white countertops to create an intense, showstopping look. The integrated range hood with gentle lighting helps to add depth to the space, while the white ceiling works to reflect light back down into the room and prevent it from being too dark.

Since this kitchen space is fairly monochromatic, the addition of a geometric patterned rug introduces a fun visual element without straying far from the overall design.

A dark U-shaped kitchen with white countertops

Photographed by Erika Weiland/Apelöga, styled by Johanna Wikstrand Moresco for Kulladal

A Classic Olive Green U-Shaped Kitchen

Anyone searching for a comforting farmhouse aesthetic is sure to love this U-shaped kitchen layout. The olive green tone and timeless black and white flooring paired with the mahogany brown island unit result in a slightly rustic, old-world feel.

A large farmhouse sink perfectly complements this effect, providing more than enough space to handle a variety of pots, pans, and dishes. The window seating offers a welcoming air for both family and friends alike.

A farmhouse kitchen with a U-layout and a pink kitchen island

via Cupboard and Goods

A Narrow U-Shaped Kitchen in a Dark Color Palette

This compact U-shaped design uses only two walls for the main kitchen area with the third side lightly separated by an entryway. This third wall is comprised of an array of storage options and a hidden refrigerator to create an uninterrupted flow from the main counter space.

The dark palette used for the lower cabinets pairs well with the neutral wood tones of the floor and built-in wine rack. Meanwhile, the lighter tones found in the upper half of the space provide the needed brightness in the space.

A U-shaped kitchen with lots of storage space

via Himlekök

Maximize the Utility of a Space with a U-Shaped Design

Sloped ceilings and limited space can make designing a functional kitchen a challenge. However, many U-shaped kitchen ideas can help you overcome the hurdle presented by the layout of the house or apartment.

This kitchen leans into the unique layout by working with it instead of against it. Placing the sink in front of the window ensures adequate space for handling dishes while placing taller items, like the refrigerator and wall units at the other end, echoing the angle of the roof.

A small U-shaped kitchen underneath a sloped ceiling

Styled by JosefssonLjung, photographed by Alen Cordic for Nya Kvadrat

Open Shelving in a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

This u-shaped kitchen works to solve a common issue in smaller homes: ensuring there is enough room for food preparation and storage. The floor-to-ceiling cabinets on the left provide the needed space for a variety of items.

Plus, the open storage shelving on the back wall serves multiple purposes, such as a place for decorative items, a place to store commonly used items, and an illusion of extra space in a cramped area. Small appliances also help to increase the usable areas in this small space.

A small kitchen with white cabinets, black countertops, black hardware, stainless steel hood

via Historiska Hem

A Bold Blue and White U-Shaped Kitchen

This u-shaped kitchen has a distinctly vintage vibe that won’t soon go out of style. The intricate tile work covering the range hood adds a bit of visual texture. Glass front cabinets provide a more modern touch while the vertical shiplap around the window balances everything out.

By extending the countertop past the cabinets, a bar seating area is created with unique bar stools that play into the vintage appeal of the room.

A blue kitchen in a U-form layout with wood countertops, glass upper cabinets and white tile walls

via Cupboard and Goods

Unique Storage Space to Create a U-Shape

Kitchen storage space is abundant in this design. This u-shaped kitchen blends a range of different shelving, cabinet, and drawer options to help reduce visual clutter without needing a larger space.

The black appliances, light fixtures, and backsplash work to maintain the muted tones in the room. For a unique talking point, the cabinet space along the far wall showcases a narrow strip of small shelves directly in the middle that is the perfect place to keep knickknacks, cutting boards, and baking sheets.

A corner kitchen with storage on the back wall

via Nordiska Kök

A Modern Grey U-Shaped Kitchen

This example melds together ideals from multiple kitchen layouts to create a modern, functional design. The main area follows an L-shaped kitchen design while a small, breakfast bar area sits just off to the right.

There is plenty of moving around space, a small section of open shelves, and a dining area within easy walking distance from the main food prep area. The parallel stainless steel features of the stove, gray backsplash area and refrigerator provide structure and balance that creates a relaxing environment.

A U-shaped layout kitchen with grey cabinets and gold hardware

Styled by Studio Rydman, photographed by Frederic Boukari for Historiska Hem

A Bold Black U-Shaped Kitchen with Abundant Natural Light

This more open-plan space takes advantage of the bright light streaming through the windows to use minimal light fixtures with dark paint.

The white tile accent wall also serves to reflect any light, acting as both a focal point and a source of brightness. The light wood flooring is another source of balance while the recessed breakfast bar provides a breakpoint within the abundant wall units.

A big kitchen with lots of storage in a U-shaped layout

via Ballingslōv

A U-Shaped Kitchen Made With Unfinished Wood

This small u-shaped kitchen features a wealth of natural materials for a style that is equal parts industrial and rustic. The pendant lights over the cooking and sink area help ensure that there’s the appropriate amount of light where you need it most.

A blend of materials and open shelving further enforce the overall kitchen design. This example also incorporates a short wall on the left with a glass partition to create a faux open-plan space, something not commonly seen in U-shaped kitchens.

A studio apartment with a loft bed that creates extra floor space on top of a U-shaped kitchen layout

via Historiska Hem

A Black, White, and Tan U-Shaped Kitchen

Other than most designs on the list of U-shaped kitchen ideas, this kitchen uses a peninsula unit as one of the three walls in the U-shape. Pendant lighting over this feature allows it to function as a kitchen island or dining area while separating the kitchen and living areas.

The black, white, and tan color palette creates an almost neutral space that blends well within any home where other kitchen designs may stand out more. The addition of soapstone countertops could add a subtle element of luxury as well.

A black U shaped kitchen with a peninsula

via Alvhem

Blended Materials for a Variety of Textures in a U-Shape

This kitchen features a one-of-a-kind design. Natural, unfinished wood cabinets span the vertical space of just one wall while two-tone paint covers the rest. Meanwhile, bold black cabinets sport a brown granite countertop, and the U-shaped layout is momentarily interrupted by a small section of one wall.

This allows a section of cabinets to act as a sort of kitchen island typically reserved for large spaces. The opposite banks are somewhat close-set, however, this leads the eye directly to the cabinets, further cementing their place as the focal point of this u-shaped design.

A black kitchen with dusty blue walls and brown marble countertops in a U-shaped layout

via Entrance Makleri

Calming Grey and Bright White in a U-Shaped Layout

In a similar fashion to other U-shaped kitchens on this list, this kitchen features white tile stretching from the countertops to the ceiling. This creates a clean, airy feeling in the room that is accented beautifully by the touches of brown around the room.

Smooth, light gray cabinets with soft leather handles instead of hard metal add to the overall sense of calm. For those who want a more prominent break point between the wall and countertops, a light gray backsplash might do the trick.

A grey kitchen in a U-shaped layout with white tile walls

Via Planete Deco

Eclectic Design Ideals for a Unique U-Shaped Kitchen

Like previous U-shaped kitchens on this list, this kitchen’s main area is an L-shaped design with an extra auxiliary countertop area off to the side.

This choice paired with the small fireplace and unique wall art come together to create one of the more fun, eclectic kitchen designs we’ve seen. The round dining table on the right is the perfect distance from the work triangle, making meals a breeze.

A green kitchen with white tiles and a U-shaped layout

via Historiska Hem

Traditional Design in a Small U-Shaped Kitchen

Finally, we have a kitchen that is more traditional in terms of coloring and styling. Medium wood floors, matching countertops, and beige cabinets create a simple, easy-to-achieve style. The beautifully set dining table is also set at just the right distance and angle from the main kitchen area.

A beige U-shaped kitchen with dusty pink walls

Styled by Grey Deco, photograph by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

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