2024 Home Decor Trends that I’m very into

It’s the season for trend forecasting of all kinds, including home decor trends. And while I’m not a fan of declaring anything is “out”, when you are embarking on a new project, that costs money and takes time, it’s kind of nice to see what’s up and coming! I think the wonderful thing about trends in the home interiors world is they have more longevity than fashion–generally at least a 10 year cycle before it becomes so main stream you’re dying to see something different. And then guess what? That still means the majority of the general population is seeking after that thing. See: Modern Farmhouse. Perhaps in the home interiors world, it’s been done to death. We’re moving on. But I promise you, it’s still a very large, sought after look for the general population. Just another perspective. (Also, I’ve still seen it done insanely well today).

When I sat down to make this list, the first several things I wrote down I had already shared in LAST YEAR’S trend prediction post!!!?? So needless to say, it’s all still very relevant and we’re not quickly moving on to anything around here. But there are a few more trends for 2024 I’m beyond thrilled to implement more of around here.

Lived-in Interiors

This is both a design and a content trend. Our homes are not showcases. More and more, people want to see spaces that are comfortable and “broken in.” Books and magazines are left out, in stacks. Art leans against the walls. Your favorite pot, and definitely your favorite kettle, is always on the stove. Blankets are ample and untucked. Boots live at the foot of the bed. There’s life in our spaces. This is how homebodies do maximalism. I think this is in response to the Covid era, the AI perfection saturating our feeds, and the need for comfort. I’m all for it because a lived-in, collected space is what homes are all about. Less perfection in 2024.

Silver is everywhere

Hats off to brass and gold for the longest reigning metal trend. And while they aren’t going anywhere (I think there’s room for all metals in interiors, except maybe rose gold–sorry!) there’s definitely a rise in the new “it” metal: silver tones. Everything from polished nickel to pewter. Chrome. (I have an aversion to fake brushed nickel, but only the fake stuff and I truly think it’s just me). It feels really historical and fresh, and especially the warm undertones of polished nickel mixes really well with brass. Because the look is so historic, silver feels like it has longevity. We’re seeing silver in everything from hardware to lighting fixtures to candlesticks. (Like in the beautiful photo above-that tablecloth is for sale btw!)

Statement Tile

Now that we’re all very comfortable with checkerboard (a trend I first shared about in 2019–speaking of longevity!), we’re seeing lots of alternatives to black and white. Bold colors and jewel tones and lots of tile with depth. I heard recently, “If the shape is safe, the color has to be bold,” and I love seeing that now checkerboard is almost a neutral and it’s being paired with a lot of other bold tile choices and colors. (This goes a long with last year’s colorful veining in countertops trend that I still stand by.)

Lighting as Art

Technically, I talked about interesting lighting in last year’s post, but it’s leaning even more into lighting as art now. Especially in small spaces, go big on the lighting and let it double as art. It makes a statement in a space that needs very little furnishing or wall decor. It can take any space from builder grade to knock out. It’s all about the lighting.

Interior Windows

I was so certain I reported on this drool-worthy trend–interior windows separating spaces instead of just walls but I guess not. I’ve seen it in so many instances and over a huge variety or styles and it works every time. I’m dying to find a place for an interior window in my house. People are finding the most creative ways to connect rooms with windows instead of walls. I recently saw this in Jean Stoffer’s house — two living room windows inside, letting light pass through from an adjacent room. (Could this be for the music room at the top of our stairs??)

Two Tone Cabinets

It seems like every few years, we come up with a new way to mix up our kitchens. We went from all kitchen cabinetry being wood to all the cabinetry being the same color…to seeing bottom cabinets contrast with upper cabinets (tuxedo cabinets). We saw accent islands. And now we’re seeing tones mixed in the inlays. We’re also seeing a second tone brought in with the drawers, for example. This feels like the ultimate in mixing materials. It creates such a collected, Old-World look. A lot of people are going to shy away from this at first. This is a trend for the risk-takers. It will stand out. But I do believe this is what’s next in kitchens.

Our Red Era

You probably have a not-so-fond memory of a red wall in your house, growing up. You probably promised yourself you would never paint a wall in your house red. It used to be when said “accent wall,” we meant red. But, red is back in a big way. It’s beyond being a pop. It’s an immersion. You can paint and entire room red. It’s not for the shy. It’s very committal. You can dip your toe in, or you can go really big, and it’s striking. We’re using red for our mudroom cabinets and all of the trim in our back hallway and I can barely wait.

But bonus! I also think buttery yellow is taking off, too.

What trends are you most excited about this year??

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