21 Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for a Unique Look

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a timeless kitchen trend beloved by interior designers everywhere, and for good reason. Two-tone cabinets are a cost-effective way to change the look of an entire room with minimal effort.

There are countless color combinations out there to experiment with, making it easy to become overwhelmed and confused about where to start. In the list below, you can find the most inspiring two-tone kitchen cabinet ideas, designed to inspire your inner interior designer.

Blue and White Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets With Square Tiling

This two-toned kitchen uses a square style of tile similar to a white subway tile backsplash to cover three-quarters of the walls. This bright white background makes the blue cabinets stand out even more, fully showcasing their beautiful color.

The stainless steel appliances pair well with these elements, allowing the two-tone kitchen cabinets and slight gold accents to shine.

A mint green and petrol blue two-tone kitchen without upper cabinets

via Stadshem

Forest Green Lower Cabinets and White Upper Cabinets With Natural Wood Countertops

This two-tone cabinetry pairs off-white top cabinets and green lower cabinets for a striking contrast. The green tone is echoed around the window, further enhancing the overall appearance.

Wood countertops bridge the gap between the two colors while matching the flooring, resulting in an earthy palette that’s like a breath of fresh air.

Forest green and white cabinets combined in a spacious kitchen with butcher block countertops

Styled by Lingsell, photographed by Sylwan for Historiska Hem

Dark Wood Cabinets Paired With a Tan Backsplash and White Upper Cabinets

The dark shade of these wood cabinets provides very high contrast when placed alongside white cabinets such as these. In this setting, the two-tone kitchen cabinets have a very strong appearance while the neutral shade of the backsplash and countertop offers balance by acting as a stepping stone between the tones. The glass front shelving and light wood flooring complete the look.

A two-tone kitchen idea with a combination of dark wood and white cabinets

via Simon Crest

Bold Pink Upper Cabinets and Deep Blue Bottom Cabinets With an Emerald Green Countertop

This pink and dark blue color scheme shows a vivid approach to two-toned kitchen cabinets. The contrast between the bubblegum pink upper cabinets and deep navy blue lower cabinets is prominent, putting the personality of the space on full display.

The area rug features shades of the same colors while the uncommon green marble countertops add an extra layer of depth to the space.

A two-tone kitchen with upper pink cabinets paired with lower cabinets in dark blue

via Funkiskök

Dark Wood Cabinets Paired With Camouflaged Flat Grey Cabinets

For a small but impactful two-tone kitchen, pair a darker flat grey with dark wood, grey countertops, and black appliances.

By continuing the wall paint along the corner kitchen cabinets, the cabinetry is hidden at first glance, creating a more sleek and sophisticated look. Overall, this style blends elements of traditional, rustic kitchen ideals with more contemporary, modern kitchen ideals.

A dark wood kitchen with grey cabinets for a two-tone look

via Nordiska Kök

Worn Blue Cabinets and a Greige Countertop With Glass-Front White Cabinets

This example showcases a more subtle option for two-tone kitchen cabinets. These worn blue cabinets have an undertone of gray, pairing well with the gray backsplash and countertop as well as the stainless steel appliances.

However, just above the bright white farmhouse sink sits a medicine cabinet style of glass-fronted cabinetry. This section of white kitchen cabinets doesn’t interrupt the flow of the kitchen, blending with the wall to help highlight the wonderful shade of the lower cabinets.

A green-grey kitchen with upper white cabinets for a two-tone look

via Picky Living

White Cabinets Mixed With Wood Lower Cabinets for a Neutral Palette

These two-tone kitchen cabinets embrace simple styling for a refined design. The white cabinets create a smooth surface that balances with the grain of the wood cabinets below.

The sandy neutral countertop provides the perfect step between the colors, with a mild texture and tone that splits the difference between the two-tone cabinets. Black appliances and understated decor complete the design.

A two-tone kitchen pairing dark wood and white cabinet fronts

styled by Livin Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg, for sale via Stadshem

Dramatic Navy Blue Lower Cabinets With Open Shelving and White Countertops

These dark blue cabinets are a showstopper. This darker cabinetry helps to tone down this bright kitchen, making both the blue and the white elements stand out more. The mint green kitchen cabinets on the left side make the color palette even more special.

Combined with the mix of open shelving and standard smooth-front cabinetry, plus the stainless steel appliances and herringbone floor, this kitchen is an instant classic.

A navy and mint green kitchen cabinet combination with white marble countertops

via Picky Living

Off-White Cabinetry With Dark Wood Cabinets as an Accent Piece

This small loft kitchen uses two-toned cabinets to create visual interest while working with a limited space.

By keeping all of the walls the same color and continuing the wall paint across the lower cabinets, the upper cabinets can become a focal point of the kitchen space. Small appliances are used to help conserve space with the entirety of the kitchen spanning the length of one wall.

A narrow grey kitchen with eye-catching upper walnut cabinets for a two-tone look

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Walti Hösli for Entrance Makleri

Off-White Kitchen Cabinets Along the Walls With Dark Brown Wood on the Bottom

This two-tone kitchen is visually the opposite of the previous example. The colors of the two-tone cabinets are flipped, and even the flooring is a darker shade. Additionally, the l-shaped design allows for the addition of a split-level kitchen island that matches the rest of the space.

A single globe pendant light and track lighting fixtures help ensure that each area is lit appropriately. Since the kitchen island has a lowered bar seating area, chairs in the same combination of colors as the rest of the room can be added for comfort and convenience.

A two-tone kitchen with dark oak cabinets on the bottom and white shaker cabinets on the top

via Nordiska Kök

Muted Grey Cabinets Mixed With Natural Wood Tones to Create a Contemporary Kitchen

Similar to the previous example, just in a different orientation, these two-tone kitchen cabinets work together to create a contemporary design that is both modern and old-fashioned. This combination results in a completely charming kitchen that’s equally as trendy.

The countertop material being a darker color than the cabinetry above adds depth to the space, preventing this two-tone kitchen from becoming flat and uninteresting. The contrast created by the rich brown of the lower section of cabinets being placed against these shades results in a focal point that draws the eye in.

A small two-tone kitchen with lots of storage space

Styled by Emma Fisher, photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors 

Light Wood Upper Cabinets and Black Lower Cabinets

In this example, a peninsula is used as a faux kitchen island to increase the surface space of this galley-style kitchen.

The black cabinets surrounding the lower half of the kitchen provide intense contrast to the space. Meanwhile, the color combinations of the brown marble countertops and raw wood cabinets as well as the two-tone walls create a compelling design that is unmatched.

A U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula and a combination of black and pine wood cabinets

via Entrance Makleri

Dark Wood and White Cabinets With a Black Range Hood

These two-tone kitchen cabinets are beautifully complemented by black appliances and a dull cherry wood floor. Just like in previous examples, the wood cabinets and flooring are juxtaposed in both texture and color by the smooth white cabinets above the sink.

Quartz countertops in a more grey tone echo shades found in both the flooring and the dining table while the section of open shelving centered over the sink allows for quick, easy access to your most used items.

A two-tone kitchen with dark wood and white cabinets combined

Photographed by Nathalie Malic for Picky Living

Fun Green Cabinets Paired With Peach Tones to Create Instant Interest

As mentioned previously, two-tone kitchen cabinets can be a fun way to explore a variety of colors as well as showcase your personality. These vivid two-toned cabinets with brass accents are a case study in color theory.

Green is known to bring balance, serenity, and joy to those who view it while peach emits playful energy, evoking feelings of comfort and contentment. Together, these colors can help boost your mood and inspire you to channel your inner interior designer.

A bold kitchen with a combination of green and pink cabinets

via Plum Living

Light Sage Green and White Cabinets With White Tiling and a Light Sandy Countertop

Two-tone kitchen cabinets and white tile are a classic combination. These breezy green and bright white cabinets work together to create a fresh, earthy feeling that won’t soon go out of style. Gold hardware is the perfect accent to this look.

A two-tone kitchen with green and white cabinets

via Historiska Hem

Electric Blue Cabinets With a Unique Striped Backsplash and a Mosaic Flooring

Fun and exciting, these two-tone kitchen cabinets and stunning backsplash are bursting with personality. The shades used in the cabinetry, quartz countertops, and backsplash are echoed in the mosaic floor, tying everything together.

A bold two-tone kitchen with electric blue cabinets on the bottom and white ones on the top

via Plum Living

Dark Green Lower Cabinets and Glass-Fronted White Cabinets

This two-tone kitchen cabinet design combines elements from some of the previous examples to create an earthy, fresh style. The result is a modern kitchen with traditional influences. While white countertops would work in this kitchen, the dark grey pairs well with any stainless steel appliances.

A two-tone kitchen with green and white cabinets

Photography by Andrea Papini for Nordiska Kök

Simple, Understated Upper and Lower Cabinets for a Traditional Take on a Modern Kitchen

In another example of mixing brown and white cabinets, this kitchen uses a lighter shade for the countertop than previously seen. This creates a more traditional air while staying modern, something darker or white countertops would not be able to recreate in this setting.

Warm wood cabinets paired with white upper cabinets and stainless steel appliances

via Historiska Hem

Darker Shades and Blended Open Shelving With Light Wood Flooring

Unique, mixed shelving options are the highlight of these kitchen cabinets. Paint in the same shade as stainless steel and a small table that echoes a kitchen island are standout features of this design. Quartz countertops with a low edge replace the need for a marble backsplash as would be seen in similar designs.

A kitchen with dark oak kitchen cabinets and grey upper cabinets for a two-tone look

Styling by Sundling Kickén, photographed by Osman Tahir for Nordiska Kök

Deep Emerald Green Kitchen Cabinets With White Upper Cabinets and a Scaled Backsplash

The appearance of these emerald green cabinets is enhanced by the bright white cabinets above as well as the one-of-a-kind scalloped tile backsplash.

The dining area here is positioned perfectly and at the right height to double as a prep table during events. Overall, these two-tone kitchen cabinets are a stunning addition to this contemporary kitchen.

A two-tone kitchen pairing forest green and white cabinets with a wood countertop

via Kvarteret Makleri

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets in a Darker Shade of the Same Color Family

Finally, in the list of two-tone kitchen cabinet ideas, this design features quartzite countertops that mimic a marble backsplash. These bright white countertops are enhanced but the surrounding dark wood cabinets, flooring, and dining set. The natural wood on display here brings a rustic vibe to this modern kitchen.

A two-tone kitchen pairing dark wood and black cabinets with a white marble countertop and backsplash

via Picky Living

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