36" Floating Vanity Cabinet – Free Plans

Why I Built This Project

My friend is building a custom lakehouse and wanted a floating vanity for their half bath to match their kitchen cabinetry.  But a quote from the cabinet shop came in at $900 for just the vanity (no top).  Dismayed, she called me.

The design she requested was simple enough, open shelves on the sides and a door in the center to conceal the plumbing.  I had her order up a door so it would match her kitchen cabinetry, and got to building.

My job was simply to create a plywood box with some shelves –

diy vanity

This was an easy enough build, but because of the “floating” part, I did make it extra strong, with even the back made of 3/4″ plywood.

floating vanity

The door is an inset, I just had her order it 1/4″ less in height and width than the opening, so that gave me an 1/8″ gap all around when finished.

My friend color matched the paint and painted the carcass.  I helped install the door, and this is how it turned out:

blue floating vanity

Not bad for one sheet of plywood, right?

diy floating vanity

The total cost for the carcass, door, paint and hinge was about $200, so about a $700 savings.  It did take me about 2 hours to build, and my friend spent some time painting it.  

We love that this vanity is 3/4″ plywood, so super strong and should last them as long as they need it to.

I’m thankful I was invited to help with this project, and glad to be able to share my plans with you.  


Free Plans to Build Your Own 36″ Floating Bath Vanity

Advanced Project:  this is an advanced project, and needs a table saw and extra care to keep it square and strong enough to hang on the wall.  

TIP: If able to add additional framing in the wall to support the vanity, this will help with strength

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