A Video Tutorial – DIY Pendant Light Made From Wood Tasting Spoons

Y’all, I decided to spend my holiday yesterday by brushing up on my video making skills. It’s been so long since I did a YouTube video, and I’d love to start doing more. Needless to say, my skills are a bit rusty, and it took me about twice as long as I thought it should have, but here’s my final product. If you don’t see it below, you can click here to see it on YouTube.

For those of you who don’t like videos, you can just refer back to my previous posts on this project for more details. But I included details in the video that I didn’t include in the posts.

Now that my light is finished, and my desk is finished, I just have one more big project for this area of my studio. I just need to reupholster my desk chair, and then I’ll just have a few smaller details to go. Here’s a peek at what the fabric looks like…

I still want to have a monogram put on the top of the chair back (where my head would rest), but I’m thinking about doing it in a dark red just about a shade or two lighter than the fabric so that it’s kind of subtle. So things are moving along!



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