Do you want to cut your utility bills? Do you want to reduce the amount of production waste currently landfilled? Do you want to save money while being an environmentally conscious manufacturer?

Join the four California mattress manufacturing plants that have earned the Sleep Products Sustainability Program certification and others currently working to certify their facilities.

The Mattress Recycling Council introduced SP2 as a path for manufacturers to build mattresses more efficiently while reducing their environmental impact. SP2 provides a third-party review and certification of a manufacturer’s efforts to make a mattress in a more sustainable manner.

The certified plants have already cut their waste and energy bills dramatically by implementing SP2’s continuous improvement process to reduce waste, increase recycling, and save energy.

MRC is offering this free, voluntary program to mattress manufacturers with California facilities. This is a manufacturing plant certification, not company-wide or product certification. SP2 establishes a management system for continuous improvement to identify steps to reduce environmental impacts, establish best practices, and define metrics to track progress.

SP2 offers each participating facility individualized training to advance their sustainability program wherever it currently is, whether just starting or going from “good” to “great”.

SP2 is not a complicated system to implement. Instead, it brings your existing efforts together and is intended to be simple to set up and simple to sustain the momentum. SP2 can also serve as a foundation for pursuing other certifications like TRUE Zero Waste or ISO 14001.

Visit the SP2 website to learn more about the program and review case studies.

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