Good Things (June 2023) – Emily A. Clark

A few of the good things I’ve discovered lately. . .

The prettiest block print tablecloths. And, more patterns here.

Also fun if you’re setting up an outdoor dining table: this rechargeable lamp.

The lightest straw crossbody bag for under $15. (I cut off the pom poms and sometimes remove the strap to carry as a clutch.) Big enough to hold my phone and Kindle.

Recommending these sheets again because I just ordered more–and will probably also send them off to the dorm later this summer. (Lots of colors and several patterns available.)

I wore this two-piece skirt set to a couple of graduation events. (I pulled the skirt up and the top down because my days of wearing crop tops are over.)

Also wore these gold heels for several hours and they were surprisingly comfortable.

My favorite Bible highlighters.

Melamine dinner plates in a pretty pattern.

Or, these white scalloped ones for something more neutral.

A great, multi-purpose moisturizing stick. (I use under my concealer and all over my face at night.)

Latest hoop earring favorites. (Also come in a cute package if you need an easy gift.)

This casual maxi dress with crochet detail–lots of colors.

A 3-pack of inexpensive sunglasses/readers for the pool.

And these super comfortable slides.

This brightening Vitamin C serum.

A gradual self tanner that’s not orangey–and the smell is minimum.

Bought this folding lounge chair for my daughter’s birthday.

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