Here’s how Purple is addressing the sleep tracking business in 11 stores

LEHI, Utah – Vertical sleep brand Purple Innovation has partnered with a technology company to offer its customers a new way to track sleep through a non-wearable sleep device that can rest on the floor beneath a bed.

Working with BioFi, Purple will sell the tech company’s RemWave sleep monitor and tracker in 11 Utah-area Purple retail locations beginning today.

The RemWave device can be placed under a bed for sleep tracking.
The RemWave device can be placed under a bed for sleep tracking.

The 6-inch square sensor is designed to be placed between 8 inches and 40 inches away from the sleeper underneath the bed. According to BioFi’s website, the device uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect presence, changes in motion, heart rate and breathing to determine with a person is awake or asleep.

The device will retail for $249 for one unit and $449 for two.

“Our goal was to bring accuracy, convenience and an improvement in lifestyle through sleep monitoring in a non-wearable device that this growing industry so desperately needed. With RemWave, we have done just that. The future of the best night’s sleep is here,” said Seth Campbell, founder and CEO of BioFi. “Purple is known for being an innovative company and has brought unique, cutting edge and proprietary solutions to sleep and wellness for years. Because of this, we believe that Purple makes the perfect partner to bring this breakthrough technology to wellness-minded consumers everywhere.”

A single device tracks an individual; two devices are needed to offer data on two sleepers. RemWave works with an app to deliver the information about each night’s sleep to the user.

“We’re excited to bring the RemWave experience to our customers,” said Jeff Hutchings, chief innovation office for Purple. “Sleepers can monitor their sleep without being bogged down by wearables, and make adjustments to maximize restorative sleep.”

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