Introducing The Chris Loves Julia x Walli Cases Collaboration

Walli Cases have been a permanent attachment to my hip for years, so I’m thrilled to announce the launch of three Chris Loves Julia x Walli Cases in our own signature line of colors and patterns. I’ve been a lover of deep hues and striking prints throughout our home, and it has been inspiring to translate my home style to the one accessory I wear every day— the Walli case.

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We created three different signature colorways for our Walli Cases. First is the James in a navy and white stripe with a maroon carrying loop, and then we have the Vivienne in both Maroon and Green.

What I absolutely adore about Walli cases is how they blend beautiful design with real-deal practicality. Here are some of my favorite features:

What are Walli Cases?

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Walli cases are known for their signature carrying loop. So whether you’re taking a selfie or just have your hands full, now you can grip your phone comfortably and securely. You can also slide the loop up and down to use it as a kickstand for propping up your phone.

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Additionally, there’s also a pocket for storing your most important cards, so everywhere you go, you’ll have precisely what you need at your fingertips.

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Lastly, Walli made each case with a vegan leather material with a shock-absorbing inner pad. So next time your phone takes a tumble, you’ll be ready.

Collaborating with Walli has been such a dream. We’re so excited to be bringing some warmth and functionality to your every day, and I can’t wait for you to feel the love we’ve poured into every detail.

Which color do you have your eyes set on?

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