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Why I Built this Dresser

There was a time when I dreaded building dressers, they are not as quick and easy as other storage projects, and you do need to take extra time and care to make sure the drawers slide smoothly.

But after building so many dressers, I’ve realized a few things –

  • Dressers are super easy to paint or stain – you just are finishing the exterior – no reaching inside and painting open shelves.  The extra time spent building the drawers is made up in the simplified finishing process
  • Dressers have the storage built in – so no spending money and time sourcing baskets or bins to fit in your open shelves
  • Dresser hide it all, so you don’t have to coordinate the contents
  • Dressers are super functional and powerhouse storage centers in the home.

This dresser I built for my son.  It’s a great joy to be able to build him a high quality, very sturdy dresser, that will last, and looks great.  The good news is I can also build him matching beds, nightstands, whatever he wants – and match the style and finish for a complete set for his room.

I love the size of this dresser – it is a smaller footprint, and a little taller, but not so tall that the upper drawers aren’t reachable.  The top surface can still be used as a shelf too.  The two smaller drawers are perfect size for socks and underwear.  The three larger drawers are perfect for pants and shirts. 


How I Built this Dresser

This dresser wasn’t hard to build – it did take some time, about three days, working on it for a few hours a day.  The painting part was very fast, as all I painted was the exterior.  Here’s a quick video showing how I built this dresser:


More Plans in This Collection

We love this style of plan so much, we made many matching plans!  Here’s what we recommend:

open bottom dresser plans

Mid height dresser with open bottom shelf – this dresser is very similar to the dresser in this plan, but with an open bottom shelf.


ana white dresser plans

Wide dresser with open bottom shelf – this dresser is similar in construction style, but wider with an open bottom shelf.


ana white dresser plans

Wide 6 Drawer Dresser – for all the storage, this wide dresser features six big drawers and a large top surface.


Panel Bed -This bed is the perfect pairing for this dresser


mini farmhouse bedside tables

These Nightstands are built using the same materials and style


wood nightstand with drawers rustic farmhouse

Need more drawers?  This nightstand with three drawers uses the same materials and building style.


Free Plans to Build Your Own Mid Height 5 Drawer Dresser

Love this dresser?  Make it yours and build it with free plans below.

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