MOLECULE to Debut First-of-Its-Kind Mattress in Las Vegas Showroom

This January, the health-inspired, recovery-focused brand known as MOLECULE will debut at the Las Vegas Market with a distinct advancement in sleep technology. Their Reflex™ Mattress Collection delivers fully restorative rest to consumers with three key components that go beyond your standard mattress. Retailers have the opportunity to offer a new league of aligning support, cooling comfort, and responsive pressure relief in their stores with the Reflex™ difference.

The primary component that differentiates Reflex™ is called LiftCOR™ Body Boost Technology. In each mattress of the collection, two sets of LiftCOR™ gel bands are placed precisely where the body needs a boost – the core. They provide a gentle lift with 75% more support than conventional foam. The bands are embedded in high-quality, precision-contoured support foam, which is zoned to add extra firmness . This layer is ultra resilient, preventing the mattress from sagging in the middle over time and keeping consumers undisturbed throughout their deepest sleep stages.

Where Reflex™ excels in support, it also matches itself with comfort and temperature management. Every mattress in the collection contains CoolVENT™ foam, which provides an exceptionally responsive feel and breathable coolness with 4.5x greater airflow than traditional memory foam. Starting from the 12-Inch Reflex™ Boost Mattress, the collection ladders up the pressure relief and breathability with AirTEC™ foam, which adds an elevated floating feel with 6x the airflow of traditional memory foam. This focus on enhanced airflow comfort helps consumers maintain a regulated body temperature as they sleep, so they can better feel refreshed and satisfied in the morning.


A strong foam mattress collection just isn’t complete without coil support options for the consumers that prefer a more traditional support system. That’s where the Reflex™ 13-Inch Hybrid Mattress and the 14-Inch Hybrid X Mattress come into play. Both feature MOLECULEedge™ technology, an American-made, individually wrapped coil system that adds customized support. The Hybrid X Mattress has enhanced zoning in the center third, so thicker coils with additional gauge respond for better support within our most luxurious build. Both hybrid mattresses come with added edge support, which keeps the build in top form for countless years to come.

MOLECULE’s technological advancements have earned the attention and support from star athletes like Alex Morgan and Michael Phelps. Yet, its vision is to champion sleep solutions that fully restore and provide peak performance for all sleepers. Decades of research and collaborations between leading mattress engineers and sleep experts have gone into all MOLECULE products from day one. In that way, MOLECULE helps bridge the gap between better sleep and a happier, healthier life.


So, if you are looking to bring something differentiating and revolutionary to your mattress selection, whether in store or via eCommerce, MOLECULE invites you to join its first showroom at the Las Vegas Market. From January 28th to February 1st, 2024, representatives from Team MOLECULE would love to present to you the simple concept of Reflex™ as a game-changing experience. You can browse the full collection beforehand at, or view these sleep solutions for the first time in WMC B – Room 958. Whatever you do, we support that.

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