Mood Board: Powder Bath Using Our New Jade Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper From CLJ x WallPops!

We’re still buzzing from the excitement of launching our Chris Loves Julia x WallPops line, and it’s all thanks to you! Seeing our dream become a reality and getting such a positive response has been incredibly heartwarming. We designed this collection to be adaptable for any room, and to showcase its versatility, I wanted to create a mood board of a bold green powder room with a dose of personality. This is your chance to try out the dramatic on a smaller scale!

CLJ x Wallpops Jade Jasper | CLJ x Lightwell Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

Laying The Foundation

The centerpiece of the room is this beautiful marble-veined peel-and-stick wallpaper in Jasper from our Jade collection. I carried the marble look onto the floor with our peel-and-stick FloorPops. This gives you all the drama of a full-surround marble room without the cost, intensive install, or upkeep. And when I saw the green sink, I just had to go for it!

Make It Functional

I love to mix-and-match metallics and design styles. The sconce and towel ring are fresh takes on a traditional vibe and the wall mirror feels unexpectedly modern. It keeps the room from looking too one-note and makes it more exciting.

Make It Interesting

I added this cheeky artwork to my bathroom in Idaho and people still ask me about it. Since the rest of the room feels like high-stakes drama, this print adds a little levity. (And the frame is a steal!) It’s great to have multiples sources of light in any room — even a powder room, so this picture light fits the bill.

Finishing Touches

Next we throw in a little bit of texture and shine to round out the room. Our Lightwell hand wash & hand lotion have a scent that’s just divine year-round, and you can’t beat a bronze footed tray for corralling the two. I love the warm texture in the hand towel and the high-shine finish of the waste basket to reflect light.

This room is full of classic styles, bold colors, and dramatic angles but also has some fun elements sprinkled in to keep it from taking itself too seriously. I love a dark and moody powder room, and the Jade wallpaper in Jasper is just the gem that keeps on giving! Which wallpaper design do you want to see in a mood board next?

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