Outdoor furniture company moves to pure plantation teak

NEW YORK — Oasiq, a modern outdoor furniture company, is shifting its outdoor furnishings line to pure, sustainable plantation teak.

Oasiq pieces that employ teak will now only incorporate the renewable resource harvested from ecologically cultivated plantations. The goal is to continue to provide consumers and businesses with the durable, quality, weather-resistant hardwood while helping to conserve natural forests and promote biodiversity.

“We have historically always harvested our teak from Southeast Asia and Indonesia at the highest standards available, including with government approval, the appropriate licenses and FSC-certified,” said Tony Peng, managing director of Oasiq. “But given the rampant illegal forestry and dwindling natural forests, we want to move the demand to more sustainable operations that meet environmental and social criteria.

“Furthermore, moving to utilizing solely plantation teak allows us to enjoy better quality control with optimized growth rates. To amplify our sustainably minded efforts, in 2023 we successfully met our goal of ensuring 75% of our packaging materials are made of recycled materials or are recyclable and fully eliminated the use of styrofoam.”

Plantation teak projects not only aid in vital carbon sequestration and the preservation of natural ecosystems, but they also often improve the community’s job market while simultaneously bringing new skills to the region.

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