Rip Jig for Circular Saw

I have a confession.  I own a tablesaw, but I dread ripping plywood.

Why?  Well, part of the problem is I’m short, and wrestling up a sheet of plywood on to the tablesaw deck is very challenging.  Then trying to keep it straight, while pushing the plywood through … it is a dreaded task.

When a sheet of plywood weights 80 pounds and a saw weighs 2 pounds, what’s smarter:  Moving the plywood or moving the saw?

So I came up with a jig that is custom made for my circular saw foot – so now all I have to do is clamp and cut!  It cross cuts and rips with ease!  

Watch: Video Tutorial of Using My Plywood Rip Jig


How to Make and Use My Plywood Ripping Jig

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