Summer 2024 – Three innovative products to look out for

New Laguna bandsaw fence does it all

While the Laguna DriftMaster DXIII isn’t cheap at $350, it promises unmatched accuracy and versatility, and attaches to almost any bandsaw, old or new, from 14 in. to 24 in. The DXIII is a very robust piece of equipment, with a rigid 7-1⁄4-in. fence, tall enough for the largest resaw cuts. The fence also attaches in a low-profile position. A rack-and-pinion wheel system makes fine adjustments easy, and the wheel can be disengaged for larger moves. There are also stops for common fence positions. And when your blade starts to dull, the DXIII offers toolless angle adjustment for drift. Learn more at

The Laguna bandsaw fence from the back view, showing the tool less drift adjustment levers, and all the micro adjustment features.

Better casters for workbenches and more

A caster with a rubber red wheel and a mechanism that lifts it using your foot.

A smaller caster with a rotating wheel that allows you to pivot whatever table they are attached to.

JessEm’s new Multi-Purpose Caster Set ($162) arrives with the casters pre-assembled. They attach easily to workbenches, tool stands, and more, mobilizing them for better use of your shop space. What makes these bolt-on casters stand out from the competition is a two-point pivot system that makes them easier to engage. A set comes with two larger fixed casters, and two swiveling casters with slightly smaller wheels. Go to to see them in action.

Smart push pads with a positive hookTwo turquoise push blocks: one sitting upright and the other turned on its side so the bottom is visible. A black plastic tab at the back of the push block goes down to hook against whatever work piece you are using.

On my jointer, table saw, and router table, I often team up one push pad with a shopmade push stick, which has a hook on one end to help me give the workpiece a positive push. The DuBois 51049 Easy Grab Push Block has a drop-down hook at both ends, which can be engaged as needed to grab the end of a workpiece. At just $26 each, one of these handy blocks is a good addition to any shop. Go to

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