The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Very Own Backyard Oasis

Your backyard should be a peaceful retreat where you can relax, spend time with friends and commune with nature. However, an uninspiring atmosphere makes it hard to truly enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Incorporating elements from nature can transform your yard into an oasis you don’t want to leave. 

Here’s how to transform your bland backyard into an ideal escape with a few simple steps. 


You might not think about outside air much, but you can use it to affect the temperature and scents around you. 

Build an Awning

Shade is essential for enjoying your backyard during summer because it keeps you cool and comfortable. An awning is ideal for your patio space. You can purchase a retractable model to install or make a custom one yourself. 

During winter, you’ll want to capitalize on available sunshine and remove your shade source to warm your oasis. 

Create a do-it-yourself awning by measuring the length along the top of the wall or roof you want to attach it to and make your frame. You can do this with PVC pipes and wooden beams. Use canvas to accommodate other PVC pipes that will serve as your structure when the awning moves back and forth. Attach eyelets and a cord as a pulley system to expand and provide shade when needed.

Make a Fragrant Planter

Fragrance can also contribute to the feeling of an oasis in your yard. Nice-smelling flowers in a planter around a patio or landscape create an aromatherapy experience. Rose, gardenia, dianthus, lilies, sweetpea, hyacinth, lilacs and heliotropes have sweet or relaxing scents.

Make a planter by using wooden planks to create a box and drill drainage holes. Add high-quality potting soil and plant your favorite flowers. 

Hang a Removable Screen

You should shield yourself and your family from harmful insects and the sun’s harsh rays to get the most out of an outside oasis. Mosquitoes can carry diseases and be irritating. A removable net around a patio or seating area can prevent bites. 

You can purchase these screens at local hardware stores or online. Ensure they have built-in UV-ray protection, which can help you avoid sun damage while enjoying time outside.


Backyard Patio

The earth isn’t just the ground beneath your feet but the elements that come from it. 

Build a Patio

A patio is an excellent way to create a relaxing outdoor atmosphere. You can build a frame with wooden planks and pour concrete, add tile, or create a floor using wood or composite. 

Ensure your patio is water-resistant and doesn’t slope to lead water to your home. Patios let you enjoy time in your yard and give you the surface to eat, entertain and relax.

Make a Garden Bed

Make your backyard the perfect place to rest and recharge by growing your own food. You can cultivate various items in a garden bed or planter, making them ideal for small yards. 
Strawberries, melons, cucumbers, peppers, peas, lettuce, carrots and potatoes are just some of the great options to plant in beds or planters. Homegrown food tastes better, is readily available and helps the environment by avoiding pollution caused by transportation. 

Add Local Flora

Adding local plants to your yard pays tribute to your climate and is a sustainable and easy way to add life to your yard. 

Local plants don’t need specialized care that those outside your hardiness zones require, such as extra water and fertilizer. They can also restore natural habitats.


backyard fountain

Research shows that being around water can be a relaxing or even healing experience. It also works to keep your lawn hydrated and lush.

Install a Fountain 

A fountain or similar water feature can transform the feel of your backyard. You can purchase various-sized models or create your own with a pump, reservoir and whatever design you choose. 

Popular DIY fountains involve pots, buckets and stones. 

Add a Sprinkler System

Make life easier by installing a sprinkler system. They release a controlled amount of water to nourish your plants before they get too dry. 

Basic systems can be controlled by turning a hose on and off, and more sophisticated options can be managed via a smart device. 

Hot Tub 

Adding a hot tub to your yard is a great way to relax and entertain. The warm water can soothe muscles and relieve tension in your body and mind. 

While purchasing a premade tub is much easier, you can build your own with wood pallets. 


Fire provides warmth and light and is ideal for late-night get-togethers. 

Outdoor Fireplace 

An outdoor fireplace can make your patio and warm and cozy environment. It’s an ideal place to curl up with a book, share stories with friends and cook a delicious meal. 

You can use masonry stones to construct a frame for a wood-burning fireplace that can withstand high temperatures. 

Fire Table

An alternative to a fireplace is a fire table. It gives your patio a luxurious feel and helps you stay warm while enjoying time in the fresh air. 


Consider giving your patio a different feel by installing fire torches. Many options can add luxury and class to your backyard oasis. 

A bonus is that many help prevent mosquitoes and other potentially harmful insects from invading your space. 

Creating a Personal Oasis

Your backyard should be a place where you can relax and enjoy nature. Take these steps to transform it into an oasis all your own.

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