Thrifty Holiday DIY Planters That Look Like a Million Bucks!

These Christmas or Fall planters sell for $30-$50 anywhere around here, so it’s time for Holiday DIY Planters. They are beautiful, but certainly not worth the money for a bunch of branches, foam, and a couple of bows.

We set a $12 budget this year on our holiday planters to try and one up the professional ones.

Heres what we came up with.

Gorgeous Christmas Planter

Our $12 budget went toward buying branches. If we were going with a live Christmas tree, or had a nice evergreen forest nearby I would have dropped the budget to zero, but we did want to prove that with a bit of work and $12 you too can build these professional looking Holiday Planters.

Everything in the gallery below we salvaged from past holiday projects, old decorations that had seen better days, and previous arrangements we’ve purchased or were given, over the years. We also have a TON of old planters to choose from for our Holiday Floral Arrangement. We chose these orangy-red ones mainly for the size, but the colour works great too 🙂

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