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I had been wondering why the universe didn’t want me to get on that plane. I do believe things happen for a reason and a couple of days later I got my answer…


Before I decided to go to Germany, our dear Maya had gotten skinny and I took her to our vet to get checked out. We discovered that she is hyperthyroid and needed meds. I had gone through this before with our old Lilly cat and it was very manageable and she lived 8 more years with her meds.
When I found out I couldn’t fly, she didn’t get better though, and stopped eating and was throwing up. She had lost 3 lbs altogether which is a big amount for a small cat. So my vet (who’s also my husband’s cousin) told me to take her to the hospital to get an ultrasound. The results were devastating, she also has pancreatitis and suspected small-cell lymphoma. She had to be hospitalized to get her stronger and eat again. We decided to try a chemo drug which could help her live for a couple more years if she responds well. So now she is on 3 different drugs.

I believe had I went to Germany, she’d be dead by now because my husband and kids don’t pay attention to our cats the way I do. He wouldn’t have noticed her not eating and he probably would have thought he could just wait until I returned to take her to the doctors.

I’m so very glad that I have health insurance for our cats. It really helps a lot now to be able to afford her care.

our orange tabby Maya


In case you missed it, I TNRed (Trap, Neuter, Return) four cats earlier this year. Three of them were definitely feral but when I caught the fourth, a gray male (estimated to be around 5 years old), I noticed that he was a bit different. At first, I thought it was the drugs when he was in the trap after returning from being neutered because he was relaxed and eating treats out of my hand. The others were all hostile. While recovering he just chilled, cleaned himself, and enjoyed my food.

Another difference from the others was when I released him, he leisurely left the trap, wandered over to the stock tank pool, drank some water, and then just sat there and watched me. The others all darted out of the trap and ran as fast away from me as they could.

Fast forward several months and this guy now named Frank is permanently living in our garden to Willy’s despair. He absolutely hates him. My husband has bonded with him and he follows him and me around the yard like a dog. Not sure what we will do once winter comes around again. He clearly was a pet at some point.

I bought him a little tent bed that is open on all sides because he doesn’t like the enclosed heated house I bought during the winter for whoever needed shelter. He needs to feel like he can escape easily. It is perfectly nestled under our bamboo bush next to the patio which is his preferred place to hang out and he loves it. Great protection from the rain too.

mesh tent bed for pets

Willy is so upset that I can’t take him outside on his leash right now. It’s mostly his fault because he is the aggressive one. If he chills out then he can come back outside too. Right now he can only use his cat enclosure. And he is like an obsessed police officer on patrol all day. Wish me luck.

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