Why are Richard and Catherine Frinier inviting hundreds of their friends to California?

COTO DE CAZA, Ca. — Golf or tennis anyone?

The picturesque setting of Coto De Caza is the 2024 site for the West Coast Golf & Tennis Tournament benefitting City of Hope, and Richard and Catherine Frinier are encouraging their home furnishings industry friends to make plans now to attend.

Together with David Binke, CEO of King Koil, the Friniers, principals of Richard Frinier Design Studio, will be honored by City of Hope for their contributions to the National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, and the philanthropic couple spoke with Furniture Today about why they are committed to the effort.

FT: Why is it important to you to support City of Hope?

Image of Catherine Frinier
Catherine Frinier

Catherine: We believe it is important to be a part of giving back to City of Hope because it is an incomparable medical research and health care center where patients with cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases and conditions may experience the finest life-saving and life-changing protocols and treatments receiving an exquisite level of patient-centered care that is unparalleled.

Countless family, friends and colleagues, including both of my siblings, were treated there. Some years ago, one of my sisters had cancer and had gone completely undiagnosed for many years outside and separate from City of Hope. After she had given birth to her first and only son, she was then diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer and given a few months to live. An outside physician was auditing the hospital she was in at the time and arranged for her to be transferred to the City of Hope where she would undergo very experimental treatments, now the gold standard for critical-care cancer patients around the world. They were amazing to her and to our family every step of the way. She lived until days before her son’s sixth birthday, five-and-a-half years after her original diagnosis with prognosis of no more than a few months. Both of my sisters’ lives were extended and their quality of life greatly improved because of the City of Hope.

We also have many friends and colleagues whose lives were saved and/or forever changed because of the City of Hope. These stories are continuing right now, today. The City of Hope always says, “Hope lives here,” and, it does. For all of these reasons and more, we choose to support them.

FT: Why is it important for the home furnishings industry to support City of Hope?

Richard Frinier

Richard: The International Home Furnishings Industry (IHFI) group was formed in 1965 encompassing retailers, manufacturers, sales representatives, suppliers and associated service providers. Many people are unaware that IHFI was one of City of Hope’s first industry-based chapters and premier fundraising trade groups.  We are all very lucky to have this opportunity to support the City of Hope and carry on this amazing tradition that began nearly 60 years ago! To be a part of doing something we may all do together as an industry and to continue along this path of giving and social goodness is quite remarkable.

The IHFI annual fundraising campaigns for City of Hope feature two flagship events: The West Coast Golf and Tennis Tournament each June in Coto de Caza, Calif., and The Spirit of Life Award Dinner held during the April market in High Point. There are also additional local events, retail sales events and product benefits, which in total have resulted in nearly $100 million raised for innovative medical research and quality patient care that saves lives. We should all feel good about these major accomplishments, and this is another reason we like to be among the people in our industry to support them and ask others to consider doing the same.

We are humbled and proud to be named ambassadors for the 2024 West Coast Golf and Tennis tournament to benefit the City of Hope this summer and hope to see a lot of familiar faces coming out for the cause.

FT: Why is philanthropy important for our industry and others? 

Catherine: Giving back is a very personal choice to help where there is a need and will make a difference with the greatest impact for the greater good. When we give as individuals or as part of a group, as we are able to do across our home furnishings industry with the City of Hope, there is something that happens to us that is perhaps not really recognized in the moment or talked about enough.

Through giving, we are able to get in touch with our innermost selves where there is a social consciousness waiting to be tapped into. When we choose to help causes that will go on to help many people and families, we experience a deep sense of well-being for the social goodness that will result from our giving. Being charitable strengthens our character and the value of our brands and businesses.

Most people like to work for and with companies who are charitable with a purpose. People are drawn to people and businesses with strong values and a strong sense of community. Being charitable is actually important to our personal wellness and should not be overlooked in our strategies for success in business by establishing, building and sustaining our brands and by staying true to what we envision and believe in at our core — to be a part of the greater good.

FT: How can people participate in or contribute to the cause right now?

WHO: The International Home Furnishings Industry is hosting its not-to-be-missed annual summer fundraising event!
WHAT: 32nd Annual West Coast Golf & Tennis Tournament charity sporting event, auction, reception and awards dinner to benefit the City of Hope.
WHEN: Monday, June 10
WHERE: Coto de Caza Golf & Racquet Club in Coto de Caza, Calif.
WHY:  We are in full swing and gearing up right now for the 2024 IFHI West Coast Golf & Tennis Tournament charity fundraiser to benefit the City of Hope.
HOW TO JOIN US: Sponsor, play, give today. Make your selection and complete the online registration and submit. Once you have completed your registration, please message us so we may thank you personally: ask@richardfrinier.com.

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