10 Cowboy Hat Storage Ideas ⋆ Bright Stuffs

Explore these best Cowboy Hat Storage Ideas to keep your headwear neat, tidy, and in perfect shape. Here are the top picks!

Keeping cowboy hats in prime condition is quite a task. Fortunately, with these nifty storage ideas, it’s not a headache anymore. Just read this article to say goodbye to all your hat storage woes.

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Cowboy Hat Storage Ideas

1. Industrial Style Rack

Cowboy Hat Storage Ideas 1

Made from 3/4″ black pipe and 3/4″ iron pipe fittings, this sturdy industrial-style vintage rack is the best option to display cowboy hats. You can easily recreate this piece on your own without any special DIY knowledge.

2. Tennis Racket Turned Cowboy Hat Holder

Cowboy Hat Storage Ideas 2

Convert an old aluminum tennis racket into a quirky cowboy hat holder using this easy tutorial. This super affordable storage method is a great option for trucks, garages, and living rooms.

3. DIY Custom Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat Storage Ideas 3

This custom cowboy hat rack is constructed from wood, stain, cutting tools, and a few hardware supplies. Anyone with basic woodworking skills can complete this project in a single day.

4. Rustic Cowboy Hat Rack

Cowboy Hat Storage Ideas 4

If you want a cowboy hat wall mount with a rustic flair, this custom rack is the best option. It’s an excellent option to display cowboy hats in less-spacious apartments and offices.

5. Coat Rack Turned Cowboy Hat Storage Station

Cowboy Hat Storage Ideas 5

If you’re looking for a cowboy hat storage solution that requires no installation, choose an old coat rack. You can place it in a corner of your room for easy access, and it can be moved around as needed.

6. Use Plastic Storage Boxes

Use Plastic Storage Boxes

If you’re not interested in DIYing wooden racks, grab some plastic storage containers to keep your cowboy hat collection neat and tidy. You can customize these containers with stickers, paint, or washi tape.

7. Hat Box Storage

Hat Box Storage

Investing in a hat box is a wise decision to keep your costly cowboy hats protected from dust and other elements. This cylindrical box is also the best option to preserve the shape of delicate hats.

8. Behind-the-Door Hanger

Behind-the-Door Hanger

Are you looking for a space-friendly cowboy hat storage solution? Simply install multiple hooks beside the door, and that’s it. This setup doesn’t require any floor or wall space, thus great for super compact homes.

9. Ladder Cowboy Hat Display

Ladder Cowboy Hat Display

Lean an old wooden ladder against a wall and hang cowboy hats on each rung using metal hooks. You can customize the ladder with paint or leave it as is for a rustic look.

10. Pegboard Cowboy Hat Organizer

Pegboard Cowboy Hat Organizer

Pegboards are easy to build and usually don’t require a lot of equipment. If you want to construct one to store your cowboy hat, check out this tutorial.

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