15 stunning cascading chandelier options for visual impact

I love good lighting whether I make it myself or buy it. Having stunning lighting in your home can make all the difference. Today, I want to share my favorite cascading chandelier options I found online which hopefully inspires you to add some visual drama to your home.

What is a cascading chandelier?

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Cascade or cascading can mean a fall of material that hangs in a zigzag or uneven line which is used especially in fashion, draperies, or in this case lighting. Cascading chandeliers are commonly made of metal chains, fibers, seashells, wooden beads, crystals, or glass.

15 stunning cascading chandelier options for visual impact

collage of 15 cascading chandeliers made from different materials

Most of these chandeliers aren’t just cascading but also tiered which helps create more interest, volume, and length. They would look great in a dining room, bedroom, foyer, or even over a beautiful bathtub.

  1. Tiered and cascading macrame tassel chandelier for some boho charm.
  2. Large Capiz chandelier made with semi-translucent white capiz shells to naturally filter light.
  3. Three tiers of tropical shells cascade from an abaca frame to create this aptos shell chandelier. Each one hand washed, sorted, and strung, a showcase of ocean treasures the tides carried to shore.
  4. Large combed macrame tassel chandelier (You can DIY this stunning cascading chandelier using my narrow wall art tutorial using combed macrame yarn and embroidery yarn)
  5. The stunning Del Sur Chandelier is made from single coconut beads strung by hand into chain links. (You could DIY a similar version with my macrame chain link garland tutorial)
  6. Unique wood bead strand chandelier featuring cascades of wooden beads falling from a metal frame wrapped in jute yarn.
  7. Cascading, tiered, and swagged wood bead strand chandelier
  8. Three-tiered driftwood chandelier made from beautifully weathered pieces of driftwood, wooden rings, and twine for an organic natural focal point.
  9. Modern crystal tree branch chandelier made and clear crystals that are hanging from gold-finished handcrafted aluminum tree branches for a modern organic look.
  10. The Bridget Chandelier is made from strands of tiered and fringed thin antique brass chains in a zig-zag pattern for a very unique dramatic look.
  11. This stunning long cascading Capiz chandelier is made from hand-cut honey-tinted Capiz seashells hanging from a silver polished Iron frame. I can just imagine this beauty in a two-story entryway.
  12. The Jolene Tiered Natural Abaca Rope Chandelier is made from (take a wild guess LOL) two tiers of Abaca rope and a round white metal frame. You could easily replicate this chandelier using metal macrame rings in different sizes and any type of rope.
  13. This stunning tiered aluminum chain chandelier creates an elegant, dramatic, and modern atmosphere.
  14. The fringed 5-tiered chandelier could be DIYed using different-sized embroidery hoops painted gold with attached yarn for bohemian flair and elegant warm and ambient lighting in your home.
  15. Several tiers of metal branches finished in gold leaf dripping with solid drop crystals create this unique crystal drop chandelier

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