5 Audiobook Memoirs I Recommend

In case you have a long road trip planned for the holidays–or just need something good to listen to around the house–I’m sharing five favorite memoirs that I’ve listened to on audio. I’ve listened to more books this year than ever before and am loving the pace that I can get through them by listening while I’m working out, sitting in car line, folding clothes or making dinner. Once I’m into a book, I can usually listen at 1.75 or 2x speed. Also, I enjoy making a big “to-do” when my kids interrupt me to ask a question by dramatically ripping out one of my AirPods. (They don’t seem bothered.)

As a bonus, these five are all read by the author:

PS--I listen to almost all of my audiobooks on the Libby or Hoopla apps through my local library.

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