Are You Ready to Welcome Summer Guests Into Your Home?

Summer is fast approaching, and that means friends and family will want to visit your home and spend time with you. However, you may not have a comfy place for loved ones to stay. There is more to a guest room than a simple bed to sleep on — you want visitors to have a welcoming and enjoyable experience. 

Here’s how to get ready to welcome summer guests into your home.  

Start With a Comfy Bed

Having a place for your guests to sleep is the minimum you need for their stay. Many furniture options turn into beds, which is helpful if you have limited space. This will also make your guest room into a multipurpose area.  

It may not be practical to have a guest bedroom available all year. You might have a spare room that serves as an office or craft area, which can double as a guest room if you include Murphy or sofa beds. Murphy beds fold up into the wall when you don’t use them and also provide storage space for books and more in their side cabinets. 

Sofa beds will also work well here or anywhere else in the house. It gives a backup option if more guests are staying than you expect. 

Supply Linens

Clean bedding is essential anywhere guests stay. Add some soft and luxurious linens to the bed for a comfortable feel. A room with a bed featuring blankets, cozy comforters and fresh pillowcases is a welcome sight. 

You can leave extra sheets in the room in case accidents happen so they don’t feel embarrassed asking for another set. Some guests might even insist on remaking the bed before they leave as a ‘thank you’ for their stay. 

Ensure the Room Is Clean

A clean home is inviting, and 66% of people feel a clean bedroom results in better sleep. People entering your home will get a feel for its cleanliness based on appearance and scent. Ensure you prepare by removing clutter, vacuuming, and keeping bathrooms and the kitchen spotless. 

Dust and straighten up the guest room to prepare it for visitors. It’s also a good idea to open windows for a welcoming fresh breeze.

Add a Chest or Dresser

Digging through a suitcase to find the one small item you need is never fun. Having a place for people to store their clothing can make them feel organized and at home, especially if they stay for a while. It’s helpful for them to settle into the space you made for them. 

If you store things in the guest’s room dresser, try to find a temporary place in the meantime. You don’t want to use all the space provided for them or risk mixing up the items that get combined. 

Make Space in the Closet

You might hang your old prom dresses or suits in the closet, but don’t take up all the room for your guest. They might bring clothing that needs to be hung up so it doesn’t get wrinkly. Have various hangers for dress pants and other items to be put away safely. 

You can stash your ironing board and other household items in the guest room closet as long as they don’t interfere with the space they are using. They might even need to use the ironing board for the clothes that got wrinkly during the trip.

Get the Essentials

Your guests might feel awkward tip-toeing around the house for water or food at night. Get a nightstand that supplies everything they might need. You can fill it with snacks, water bottles, tissues, the Wi-Fi code, charger, and whatever else you think they need. This will make visitors feel welcome since they don’t have to worry about waking you up for anything. 

Add Some Decor

Walking into a bland room does not make it feel inviting to stay in. Add some personality to your walls and get creative with decoration. Sometimes you can get decor that doubles as a functional piece of furniture. 

Mirrors can have hooks on the end for storing jewelry or hats while people stay. Don’t go overboard, but provide just enough to make the room feel cozy.

Share Local Info

Perhaps your guests are staying while you are working. If so, you can provide them with information about the local hotspots. Make a list of shopping areas, museums, parks, restaurants and sites to see while they stay. Mark up a map or list everything they need to know, like location and hours, so they can keep themselves busy when you can’t be together. Put all the information in a folder or basket so it stays together if they need to take it with them. 

Be Prepared for Your Guests

Summer is the ideal time for traveling and visiting with family and friends, and you should be prepared to welcome loved ones into your home at a moment’s notice. Your guests will appreciate the hard work you put into ensuring their stay is as comfortable as possible and leave with happy memories of your time together.

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