Artaban, Elements International highlight strategic bedding partnership in High Point

HIGH POINT – Artaban Group and Elements Sleep made their manufacturing partnership official here as members of the family-owned Mexican manufacturer joined the Elements team in its showroom here.

The two companies announced a strategic manufacturing partnership earlier this month that will allow Artaban to make its line of mattresses targeted to the U.S. market in the Elements International Mesquite, Texas, factory. The move was prompted by the most recent anti-dumping petition filed in July  targeting 13 countries, including Mexico.

While Artaban did not show branded product, the group’s sales team made the trek to High Point to meet with retail bedding buyers and share the company’s story.

Pepe Monroy, vice president of international sales for Artaban, said the two companies are in the process of mapping out the specifics of the partnership.

Elements International opened its 180,000-square-foot factory in 2021 to manufacture mattresses and upholstery. Artaban, a fully vertical bedding manufacturer based in Guadalajara, Mexico, is in the process of shipping machinery to the Texas facility for use in producing its mattresses.

Monroy said Artaban is eager to get started producing its products specifically designed for the U.S. market in Texas.

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