Capital’s new bedding line explains sleep benefits with its cover

VERONA, Miss. — Capital Bedding has introduced a new brand it calls Balance, developed around the anatomy of the human body and using 5-Zone components from the top to the bottom of each model.

“Today’s consumers are very savvy, but they still need to have trust in the brand and the buying process to make a purchase,” said Scott Miller, vice president. “Balance was designed to help the retail sales associate easily present the product and for the consumer to completely understand its overall features and benefits.”

With a combination of 5-Zone comfort layers over a 5-Zone pocketed coil unit, Miller said Balance provides the sleeper with a balance of pressure relief and support.

“We wanted to visually show the 5-Zones on the surface of the mattress right in the cooling cover fabrics,” Miller said. “We approached the major textile manufacturers, and we were told that they didn’t have anything like that. So we had to work with them on custom fabric designs.”

The custom fabric design also creates an interactive presentation between the retail sales associate and the consumer. The associate can now point to each zone on the surface and explain what is going on inside of the mattress. “Then they can simply invite the consumer to sit down in the middle hip zone and then recline back and they will see how their body is properly positioned over all of the zones,” Miller said.

All 11 models in the Balance line can be shipped flat packed or rolled as a mattress in a box. Retail prices range from $399 to $1,299 in queen, and Capital Bedding is supporting the line with point-of-sale materials and available gallery displays.

Balance began to ship across the country in mid-November.

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