Completely gutted: Pictures highlight Ethan Allen’s severe flood damage

ORLEANS, Vt. – In July, Ethan Allen’s manufacturing plant in Vermont suffered heavy flood damage. The flooding resulted in losses in both wood furniture inventory parts and manufacturing equipment, as well as a temporary work stoppage for many of the plant’s employees. Shipments were disrupted and delayed by seven weeks.

These pictures really showcase the severity of the damage, as well as some of the repairs that have taken place since. In August, the plant reopened with limited operations.

“Our wood furniture manufacturing in Orleans resumed limited operations during August 2023, and at this time, approximately 75% of our associates are back to work,” said Ethan Allen CEO Farooq Kathwari.

The company said it’s currently working through insurance to recover a portion of incurred losses, which will be included in its first quarter financial results. Losses incurred from the disposal of damaged inventory, inoperable machinery equipment from water damage, facility cleanup and restoration, are currently estimated to be approximately $2.5 million.

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Photos by Mike Worth, Ethan Allen’s vice president of case goods manufacturing

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