Culp brings “good bacteria” to upholstery fabrics to bat back allergens

High Point – Culp Upholstery Fabrics is partnering with material innovations company HeiQ to bring biobased allergen technology into the upholstery category.

The division of Culp Inc. is now offering fabrics made with HeiQ Allergen Tech to manufacturers of upholstered furniture. The exclusive partnership extends the use of HeiQ Allergen Tech beyond sleeping products.

The first treated fabrics from collaboration were introduced this week at the Interwoven trade show in High Point, N.C., where HeiQ and Culp teams provide more details to all visitors.

HeiQ Allergen Tech addresses the problem of allergens from dust mite matter and pet allergens in textiles with the help of active probiotics –commonly called “good bacteria.” Probiotics in the proprietary technology colonize the treated fabrics, leaving no space for harmful dust mite matter or pet allergens to settle in.

It is particularly suitable for applications in sofas, arm chairs, and other upholstered furniture products that are rarely or never washed.

“Our collaboration with HeiQ represents an exciting innovation for Culp,” said Tammy Buckner, Senior Vice President of Design and Marketing for Culp Upholstery Fabrics. “With HeiQ Allergen Tech integrated into our fabrics, we are offering our customers a differentiating solution that can truly enhance the way people live and interact with their furniture and improve their everyday lives.”

Based in Zurich, HeiQ is a global producer of biotech ingredients and specialty chemicals for applications such as textiles, flooring, building materials, glass, plastics, probiotic cleaning, cosmetics and more.

“This partnership allows us to address a significant issue faced by consumers in their homes and living spaces by reducing allergens from dust mite matter and pets on upholstered fabric that people use every day,” said Mike Abbott, Head of HeiQ Textiles & Flooring Business Unit.


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