Dallas Market Center adjusts schedule for nearshoring event

DALLAS — The Dallas Market Center has moved up the schedule of its new Nearshoring America event by one day.

Adjusting for a religious holiday in Mexico, the new dates for the international expo are Dec. 9-11, providing brands and their representatives with vetted factories and supply chain service providers from Mexico and Latin America.

In announcing the new event earlier this month, Cindy Morris, DMC’s president and CEO, said, “We are creating this groundbreaking new trade event and support services for several key reasons: First and foremost, many leading companies in several of the industries we serve have encouraged a juried event in Dallas given recent challenges to overseas production and interrupted supply chains. They requested the event be created by the industry for the industry.

“They also understand our commitment to supporting more efficient trade; our unique access to brands, factories, and service providers as well as our long-standing relationships with them; our purpose-built marketplace infrastructure and operations; our geographic advantages for easy travel; and our safety and controlled access for both attendees and exhibitors.”

Exhibitors will include an invitation-only list of factories and supply chain providers that have been pre-selected based on their history, operating experience and delivery, DMC said. Sourcing agents, trading companies, shelter companies, and design and production consultants will also be represented. All will be vetted by DMC to make sure they can legitimately handle industry needs, the tradeshow organizer said.

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