DIY Macrame Projects for Your Home

Discover a variety of delightful DIY macrame projects perfect for adding a personal touch to your space. From a dreamy moon-shaped wall hanging and stylish floating shelves to beginner-friendly plant hangers and there’s something for everyone.

Moon shaped macrame wall hanging

This moon shaped macrame wall hanging from popshopamerica can be filled with lights to make it perfectly dreamy. It’s perfect as a night light, for your closets, or even outdoors in the garden.

DIY Macrame Floating Shelf

This floating shelf is a stylish way to show off small objects. Best of all it’s beginner friendly. Comes from popshopamerica.

Macramé Wire Votive Holder

Written and illustrated instructions and a video showing how to make a lovely beaded DIY macramé wire votive holder. If you are new to square knots, don’t let that deter you! I show step by step how to tie a square knot. (nourishandnestle)

Macrame Plant Hanger Free DIY Pattern

Explore our free, step-by-step guide on creating your own Macrame Plant Hanger. No downloads, purchases, or sign-ups required – just follow the instructions below and get started!

Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

There’s something so enjoyable about making a simple macrame plant hanger. It’s a great way to practice basic knots and add boho charm to your decor. Check out the full guide on “marchingnorth“.

Spiral Macrame Keychain

Learn to make a cute and easy macrame keychain with today’s free pattern and video tutorial from “marchingnorth“! This DIY project uses the beginner-friendly spiral knot, making it a perfect introduction to macrame.

Driftwood modern macrame wall hanging

Learn how to create this modern driftwood macrame wall hanging for just $66 and a few hours from start to finish, including installation with step-by-step, visual instructions! Full tutorial on justinecelina.

Hummingbird Feeder

A perfect project for beginner macrame crafters, this DIY hummingbird feeder will bring plenty of sweet birds to your yard. Found on lovelyindeed.

Macrame camera strap

On our last big trip, I realized I needed a better camera strap. My hand strap wasn’t practical for travel, and I kept worrying about dropping my camera.

Enter this DIY macrame camera strap from “lovelyindeed“!

It’s quick to make and perfect for spring and summer adventures. Imagine how stylish you’ll look on a cruise with this around your neck!

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

This macrame plant hanger tutorial is great for beginners and uses two simple knots (the square knot and the spiral knot). Found on handmadeweekly.

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