Figuring bevel angles in SketchUp

One of the nice things about creating digital 3D models is being able to accurately visualize details before you cut any wood. Right now I’m thinking about figuring out angles for setting up the table saw to cut bevels on angled panels, in this case for a range hood enclosure. Admittedly there are online calculators and the math isn’t terribly complex, but I find it comforting to have the visual confirmation that I have the angles right. In this video I’ll show you a way to get that done. The model is kept simple with basically just enough to get the required information. Of course the same measuring thing could be done with a fully detailed model, too. For the angular dimensions I used an extension from Sketchucation called Angular Dimension 2. You could just use the Protractor tool to measure the angles and write them down on the back of an envelope, too.


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