Fine Woodworking New England — April 26 & 27

It has been a while since Fine Woodworking has held a live event, and we figured the best way to get back on track is with a free event hosted by Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. The Fine Woodworking New England 2-day event in Manchester, Connecticut, will feature dozens of demonstrations by Frank Strazza, Steve Latta, Larissa Huff, Andrew Hunter, and many more. The show will also feature tool makers as well as an antique tool flea market.

We will have live scheduled demonstrations as well as ongoing demonstrations throughout the show. We hope to live-stream the demonstrations for Unlimited members who can’t make it to the show. We’ll have some food trucks on hand during the event as well. Special thanks to our sponsors Shaper Origin, Woodpeckers, Blue Spruce, and Titebond for helping to make the event possible. Special thanks as well to Bob Van Dyke at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking for organizing the event and putting together the roster of demonstrators.

Come out and take in some demonstrations, say hi to your favorite authors, and hang out with fellow woodworkers. it’s a long-overdue invitation to get together and have some fun. I hope to see you there.

The event is free, but for us to plan properly we’d appreciate it if you pre-registered for the event here.

Scheduled demonstrations:

  • Andrew Hunter- Japanese & Western planes—They are not as different as you might think
  • Will Neptune- Applying geometry to American Period furniture design
  • Chuck Bender- Planning a project—from design & cutlist to execution
  • Tad Fallon- Gold-leaf gilding
  • Matt Bickford- Molding planes—Learn to make any molding at all by hand
  • Bob Van Dyke- The five-minute dovetail—what’s important and what’s not
  • Mike Mascelli- Basic furniture finishing
  • Frank Strazza- Painting with wood—Double-bevel marquetry
  • Steve Latta- Contemporary inlay techniques
  • Dave Douyard- Greenwood chair building—Steam bending and shave horses
  • Randy Wilkinson: – What species of wood is that? It may not be what you think it is!
  • Larissa Huff- TBD
  • Owen Madden- TBD
  • Kyle Kidwell- TBD

Additional demonstrators:

  • Al Breed
  • Mike Pekovich
  • John Coffey
  • David Lindow
  • Timothy Coleman
  • Randy Wilkenson
  • Chip Sowalski- Blacksmith at Mystic Seaport Museum
  • Joshua Klein- Mortise and Tenon magazine
  • Mike South
  • Michael Klein
  • Michael Wheeler

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