HealthCare Consumer Products rolls out the dough for comfort seekers

WINNSBORO, N.C. — HealthCare Consumer Products is readying a broad assortment of pillows, toppers, mattresses and sleep accessories for the upcoming Las Vegas Market.

The manufacturer is launching two new foam formulations that offer what the company calls “unique feels” as well as pressure relief.

Soma-Dough is a doughy foam that envelopes the body and gently hugs the pressure points that need relief. Soma-Response is a memory foam that acts more like a spring, with push back for stronger support. Both foams will be shown at the market and developed into the trending, “hybrid” top-of-bed assortments.

“We recognize that individuals desire individual or customized comfort. The HealthCare Consumer product development team is constantly working on new foam formulations that offer customized comfort, and also allow the retailer to tell great stories,” said Keith Bolton, executive vice president of sales.

The company also has expanded its core lineup of mattresses, pillows and mattress protectors for the big-ticket retail channel. Six new mattresses covering the good, better and best ranges will be featured along with a wide selection of “in stock/buy now” accessories and bundles.

“We are proud of the Soma-Pedic assortment of products that complement our private brand strengths and feel our direct manufacturing model is exactly what drives the best value for our retail partners,” said John Timmerman, vice president of sales.

In addition, HealthCare Consumer Products is adding to its range of cooling and comfort innovations. HiCool features heat index reduction technology, which addresses humidity as well as temperature. New products will include HiCool memory foam toppers and fiber pillows. Beautifully Cool is a fast-acting, cool-to-the-touch technology that provides visual cues within fabrics to demonstrate cooling at moderate price-points.

“We want to invite the consumer to engage with the Beautifully Cool product with design elements that excite and draw attention.  If you can show, tell and prove cooling in under five seconds, the retailer wins,” said Chris Marsh, senior vice president of marketing.

The company’s Las Vegas showroom is located in World Market Center, B-922.

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