Hexagon Wedding Arch Free Plans

A hexagon wedding arch adds a modern detail to a wedding ceremony.  You can make your own quickly and easily using these free plans.


Can I make the arch with a wider width board for a thicker frame?

Yes, a 1×6 board will look great!  You can directly substitute the 1×6 for the 1x4s in the cut list and shopping list.


What about making the arch narrower?

You can, but I wouldn’t go any smaller than a 1×3, as there won’t be much there to attach the two boards together.  But prove me wrong, I’d love to see a 1×2 or 2×2 version.


Will the arch tip over?

We recommend using fishing line and tent stakes to prevent the arch from tipping over.  If in an indoor setting, the arch can be tied to the walls for additional support.  This is especially important with top heavy floral arrangements or potential wind.


Can I disassemble the arch and use it again?

Yes, but with the method of joinery, expect to be able to assemble and disassemble about 10 times before the screws strip out the wood.  If you are looking to create a rental piece, building a second hexagon and lapping joints, with bolts at joints, would be a better long term solution.


What about a double hexagon arch?

Yep, you can do that!  Just build two arches, then connect in between with 1x boards where desired.


What type of finish do you recommend?

It depends on the look you are going for.  Most people want a rustic wood finish – to achieve that look, use a wood stain (small can is all you’ll need) and apply with a foam applicator brush and wipe off.  A aged wood accelerator will give you a gray look.  White paint will give you a crisp white look.


I don’t have a pocket hole jig – how do I join boards together?

The easiest method is to buy mending plates or tie plates like these from Amazon 


Ana White mending plate

Make sure the screws are 3/4″ long, so it doesn’t poke through the wood, and make sure there are at least four holes in the mending plates (8 would be ideal).  The mending plates should be no bigger than 2″ x 5″ for a 1×4 board.  


Do I need a miter saw?

The miter saw is going to be the easiest, fastest and safest way to accomplish making these cuts.  You can use a speed square and a circular saw (or even a jigsaw) to make the cuts, but it will definitely be more difficult.  


Free Plans to Make Your Own Hexagon Wedding Arch

Here’s the free plans to make your own wedding arch in a hexagon shape.  Please send us a photo if you build, we can’t wait to see how your arch turns out!

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