How much in scholarships did Wanek family and Ashley award?

ARCADIA, Wis. — Ashley Furniture Inds. and the Wanek Family announced the donation of more than $320,000 in scholarships to 120 students for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The scholarship program consists of two opportunities offered annually to graduating high school students who are children of Ashley employees. The ‘Ashley Grants-in-Aid Scholarship’ offers a one-time scholarship of $2,000 to students enrolled in an accredited college or university for the following fall semester. The ‘Wanek Engineering and Design Scholarship’ offers $5,000 to students pursuing a secondary degree in Engineering or Design.

“When it came time to apply for college, the reality of paying for it quickly came into my decision process. I am honored to be a part of such a diverse group of recipients from various schools, backgrounds and majors,” said Elizabeth Adams, an Ashley Scholarship recipient. “Thank you to Ashley and the Wanek Family for awarding me the Grants in Aid scholarship as it will enable me to help fund my education.”

Recipients from eight states — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Washington and California — were awarded scholarships. They were invited to attend a presentation and tour of Ashley facilities with their families to learn more about the company’s career opportunities.

“I am grateful for Ashley for awarding my son this scholarship, apart from the financial relief, it also recognizes him for his efforts and accomplishments during his high-school years, which I feel is very encouraging for him as he pursues a degree in engineering,” said Ashley employee Chandrasekhar Achanthodi.

Ashley and the Wanek family have contributed more than $3.5 million to more than 2,000 student scholarships since 1997.

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