How to Build a Luxurious DIY Backyard Pool Cabana Pergola

How to Avoid Assembly Mistakes We Made

To be honest, this project was WAY harder than we anticipated. That 6×6 pressure treated lumber is insanely heavier than it looks! 

Hollow Posts

In hindsight, I strongly recommend that you use these hollow 6×6 cedar deck posts so they are easier to maneuver.


We definitely should have had at least 6 of us assembling this size of outdoor cabana because of how heavy the posts were.

We managed with 4 people, but that was 3 super strong men nearly injuring themselves (and little me setting posts into each base plate as they lifted).

Even though we might still be feeling the effects of it in our joints a little bit, at least we can rest on one of these outdoor lounge chairs in the shade by the pool.

DIY cabana beside a backyard pool

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