How to Hang a Gallery Wall (The Easy Way!)

This post is sponsored by Home Depot but I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own.

We have this big empty wall in our new entryway and I felt it was the perfect place for a gallery wall! It’s actually the only wall in our entire main living space where I can hang something! And I personally feel every home should have a place to display family photos so that it feels – like HOME!

I like to tape things out before I commit, because I’m a visual person! This way I can get the placement exactly right before I start making any holes in the wall and can adjust if needed.

I got these beautiful 16×20 gallery wall frames from Home Depot and they come in a set of two for only $51! The wood tone on them matches our white oak floors perfectly and I love that they are matted to an 8×10 size to show more of the white mat. Did you know Home Depot carries tons of decor items on their website? Check it out here!

These frames (like most picture frames) come with the 2 D ring hooks on the back to hang it with. I personally find it really tricky to hang those and get them perfectly level. That’s where my hack comes in!

I use gorilla glue and attach these picture frame teeth hangers to the back center of the frame.

This way I only have to put one nail in the wall instead of two! And it’s much easier to get them perfect and level this way!

Then I remove the tape, add my favorite faces in, and hang and level the frames!

And that’s how I create a perfectly level and easy to hang gallery wall!

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