Malouf Home lowers prices on most products, reduces freight minimums

LOGAN, Utah – Malouf Home has announced a price decrease on most of its mattress and bed base products, as well as its Weekender bedding brand.

The reasons for the decrease the company said were to improve efficiencies and provide ongoing support for retail partners.

“We continue to strengthen our products and services to be a valuable business partner,” said Eric Holmstead, president of Malouf Home. “The price decrease is part of that strategy, and we’re excited to pass on these savings to our retail partners.”

Prices weren’t lowered by a specific number or amount. Changes vary across products and categories, but most products to receive a decrease are being lowered by an average of 5% to 15%, the company said.

“We tried to ensure that products that are popular across the board are included in price decreases, so all our retail partners see a benefit,” the company said.

Malouf also announced lower freight minimums for all orders, as well as free freight shipping on all Salt Flat products that ship between now and the end of the year. Salt Flat is the company’s case goods division, offering dining, bedroom, living, occasional and office furniture.

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