Nationwide Learning Academy offers inside view of Vegas market

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.— Nationwide Marketing Group launched a new educational initiative during its biannual PrimeTime event that introduced its furniture and bedding membership to the Las Vegas Market campus and gave them a chance to engage with vendors and products.

More than 300 independent dealers participated in the Nationwide Learning Academy Tour of the Las Vegas Market, gaining exclusive access to various showrooms across the campus.

Thirteen Nationwide vendor partners joined the off-site event, which concluded with a cocktail reception in the Streamline Art showroom. Attendees had the opportunity to receive updates from vendors, explore showrooms, and engage with new products.

The experience also allowed attendees to visit the showrooms of select vendor partners and get their undivided attention, which would be difficult during a typical Las Vegas Market when the crowd is present.

“We realize that so many of our members have never had the opportunity to get to a Las Vegas Market event and experience everything this location and these showrooms have to offer,” said Jeff Rose, vice president of furniture, bedding and outdoor for Nationwide.

“With PrimeTime making its return to Las Vegas for the first time in five years, we figured what better time than right now to give them that chance? We’re incredibly appreciative of both the vendor partners who participated in the NLA Tour and the team at Andmore for coordinating this unique experience with us,” Rose added.

The next Prime Time Las Vegas is slated for Aug. 11-14.

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