NMG offers independent retailers a digital leg up with new solution

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Today’s digital-first retail landscape, where most consumers do initial shopping online, presents independent business owners with the challenge of establishing a robust digital presence.

Nationwide Marketing Group is offering its members means to address this problem with NMG OneShop, a simplified digital solution tailored for the independent channel. Debuting at the recent PrimeTime conference in Las Vegas, NMG OneShop integrates the most effective features from NMG’s previous website development solutions — Retailer Web Services and Site on Time — into a unified platform.

The new all-in-one platform boasts a user-friendly interface and includes five essential features: website solutions, marketing automation, digital advertising, reputation management and sales enablement.

“With NMG OneShop, we do all the heavy lifting for our retailers,” said Jennifer Danko, NMG’s chief technology officer. “Our dedicated digital experts handle every aspect of the digital journey — from designing and managing websites to running localized Google ad campaigns and more — allowing members to take this critical piece of customer acquisition off their plates. Simply put, NMG OneShop is literally a one-stop digital shop.”

Since its launch last year, the company reports that NMG members testing the NMG OneShop model have observed significant improvements, including a 21% increase in organic traffic, a 29% rise in engaged sessions and an 18% uptick in website page views year-over-year. These sites have facilitated more than 1,200 online orders, resulting in over $1.3 million in e-commerce sales for early adopters.

“Digital is the battleground for winning customers today,” said Aaron Bundschuh, NMG’s chief digital officer. “But it can be overwhelming. So, we’ve made significant investments in this area to bring best-in-class capabilities to the membership ,so that they can reap the benefits of a robust digital strategy without having to be digital experts themselves.”

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