Our Calming Whole House Paint Color Palette

I’m currently knee deep in choosing paint colors for the contrasting trim in our upcoming hallway and foyer project, so that threw me down the rabbit hole of all of the other colors we’ve used in our home to make sure everything in our palette works cohesively.

Choosing a paint color for one room is hard enough. Choosing paint colors that harmoniously work together throughout an entire house from room to room is an even bigger challenge. 

It’s definitely one of the top questions I’m asked whenever I share a room in our house though. “What’s the paint color?”

So I thought it’d be helpful to round-up alllllll of the paint colors we’ve used in our house to have them in one convenient spot as our entire house paint color scheme for you to reference as you need.

painting color samples on white cardstock

If you ever need help choosing colors for your own home, here’s how to find the perfect paint color every time.

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