Second Lisa Kahn collection from Chelsea House focuses on finding sanctuary

Lisa Kahn

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. — The Sanctuary Collection by Lisa Kahn for Chelsea House will debut at the High Point Market in October.

The initial collection will have more than 30 pieces including furniture, mirrors, lighting and decorative accessories. The introductions are influenced by sacred geometry, celestial bodies and motifs from nature. Kahn said the collection is grounded in the philosophy of connection between the human spirit and the built environment.

“I believe our surroundings have a profound effect on our lives and daily experiences,” said Kahn. “Thoughtfully created environments affect our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. In fact, it can affect all areas of living including health, quality of relationships and how time is spent.”

Kahn is the founder and CEO of Lisa Kahn Designs, an award-winning design firm based in Naples, Fla. She is also the founder of Finding Sanctuary by Lisa Kahn, created to focus on spaces that nurture people emotionally and allow them to feel a sense of well-being, tranquility and joy. In addition to grounding her design projects in this philosophy, Finding Sanctuary hosts retreats, seminars and conversations, and markets a line of home accessories and journals.

Pam Cain, president of Chelsea House, said the collection brings together two things that are important to them.

“First, it is grounded in a successful history of design. Lisa did a collection for us 12 years ago, which was one of the most successful launches we have ever had,” Cain said. “Many of those pieces remain in the line today as among our most popular offerings.

“Secondly, the collection reinforces our philosophy that design is not only about aesthetics, but more importantly it is a creative pursuit that has a real impact on the quality of lives and relationships. To have this collection bring these two aspects together is a home run, and doing it with Lisa made it incredibly special.”

Festivities supporting the launch will include a party from 4-7 p.m., Oct. 15, and a seminar on the importance of built environments and sanctuary in design.

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