Simpli Home enables on-site comparison shopping with new function

TORONTO — Simpli Home has launched a new online omnichannel marketing strategy that allows customers to comparison shop without leaving their platform.

Instead of forcing shoppers to scour various retailer websites for the best prices, Simpli Home’s now features “buy boxes” on product pages, displaying pricing from different retailers alongside its own.

Darcy McGilvery, chief marketing officer, explained that the decision to include the new functionality arose from consumer research. “Some shoppers prefer the visual content, unique offers and customer support from our DTC website, while others are simply looking for the best price at the moment.

“Sale pricing across our many channels impacted retail prices downward, turning into a race to the bottom for pricing,” he continued. “Rather than continuing to fight a pricing battle against ourselves, we are deploying an omnichannel strategy online that will ultimately empower the consumer and make the buying process more convenient and efficient.”

Each product detail page now showcases pricing from Simpli Home and retail partners such as Amazon, Ashley and Home Depot, enabling comparison shopping, with real-time updates.

“We haven’t seen any furniture brands offer this type of feature on their website, as most retailers want consumers to purchase directly from them,” said McGilvery, adding, “We’re not just meeting but anticipating consumer preferences. … We’re not just offering a product; we’re delivering an experience tailored to the modern shopper’s needs.”

The company said that the new strategy also transforms the consumer website into a marketing hub, providing options for direct purchases while gathering valuable sales and channel data. Simpli Home noted that it anticipates a significant return on investment through improved marketing precision and enhanced customer experience with the new functionality.

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