Sound Sleep Products newest innovation, Sound Sleep Sport, is enticing the active consumer and exceeding expectations.

Sound Sleep Products has launched their latest innovation from the creative genius of John Larsen and Jim VanLear.  The Sound Sleep Sport brand has delivered outstanding results, encouraging consumer feedback, and is on track to be the fastest growing brand in the company’s portfolio.  These results can be attributed to 3 key differentiating factors: innovation, targeted marketing support and a passion for building a community of well rested sleepers.  All these elements combine to create a devoted following of vocal raving fans.


Innovation has led the development.

John Larsen (CEO) has always focused on creating new ways to improve mattress quality and performance.  In Sound Sleep Sport, he joined forces with Jim VanLear (COO) to create a product specifically designed for active lifestyle consumers. The needs of these consumers are unique and can be overlooked by traditional product offerings.  The Sound Sleep Sport mattress assortment specifically promotes muscle rest, recovery, and rejuvenation.  Jim’s extensive experience working with innovative Gel technologies brought forward his latest creation, AGT (Advanced Gel Technology) as a key component of Sound Sleep Sport.  This unique gel chemistry and patent-pending design create a sleep surface that has a gel structure centered specifically for both full body support and total surface airflow.  The unique design dissipates heat for a cool, comfortable and restorative sleep. The mattress promotes muscle rest and recovery. There are many other features detailed on the Sound Sleep Sport website  All these features are designed to provide the key product benefits: Refresh, Restore and Rejuvenate.

Targeted Marketing has led the way.

The support of the brand was largely built by Senior Marketing Specialist, Paiton Boyd.  From the website design to the social media presence the messaging is clear for every consumer imprint.  Sound Sleep Sport is designed to help the active consumer experience a restful sleep, waking restored and refreshed.  A focused approach was developed by the Sound Sleep Sport team to create advertising in specific targeted markets with the intent to drive customers directly to the store doors that feature Sound Sleep Sport.  In addition to these efforts, Paiton has recently put together an extensive program to expand Sound Sleep Sport’s presence on social media.   As a result, the brand has developed a significant following of raving fans on Instagram – and the numbers continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Raving Fans of Sound Sleep Sport have led the charge.

All efforts are targeted to ensure that the folks that support the brand or have purchased the mattress are raving fans of Sound Sleep Sport.  The grass roots effort has created a loyal following among retailers, associates, and consumers alike.  The feedback from all stakeholders has been that the product is very well received, easy to sell, and delivers on the brand proposition.

Trish, Store Manager

“A customer came in and told me she tried it at another store and loved it. She said it’s like sleeping on air.  So, I put it on the floor and now people buy it and tell their friends about it, and they come in and buy it, too!”

JS, Sales Associate

“Sport sells because consumers like its restorative properties. And the feel speaks for itself. You can instantly feel the restoring benefits.”

Patrick, Happy Customer

“Of all the mattresses I’ve slept on, the Sport is my favorite. I purchased the firm version seven months ago, and I still enjoy sleeping on it just as much as the first day that I brought it home. In the opinion of both my wife and I, it provides the perfect balance of support and comfort. No more are the days of waking up with an aching back!”


Sound Sleep Sport is gaining momentum and its fan base is growing rapidly.  The retail placement is expanding, containers are being shipped to far reaching U.S. states, international partnerships have been established, and licensing opportunities are being vetted.  If you’d like to learn more about the exciting possibilities, please visit them on their website:

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