Sparkling Beaded Window Treatments Solve a Problem

Small Bathroom Window

Decorating windows can pose challenges. Often in older homes the bathrooms can have funny little windows you are not sure what to do with. On the other hand in new construction, you might find large modern bathrooms with beautiful over sized windows. The problem there is being too close to a neighbor who shares the view! There are a few thing you have to consider as you explore your options. Because it is your bathroom, the most important feature to question is privacy. The next is durability. The bathroom can impose elevated conditions of heat and moisture, and these can effect the construction materials of certain window coverings.

At the onset you need to assess whether or not to do anything to the windows at all. If you have privacy and an architecturally pleasing window, you may choose to leave it alone. I always prefer doing something to a window, even if it’s a minor touch of fabric with a cornice or valance.

Circular Window

Sometimes you need to get creative, as I did with my own master bathroom. I have one small rectangular window which posed no problem, but on the adjacent wall I have a large circular window that I love. My husband insisted we needed privacy, but I did not want to cover it up. I considered specialty shutters, but that would be extremely costly and very heavy looking. I thought about applying semi-opaque window film over the glass, but then I wouldn’t ever have a clear view to the outside, and that really bothered me. Then it dawned on me, crystal bead curtain could possibly work and it would look pretty. It would provide the light, airy look I wanted and with extra sparkle. Also, it would provide enough privacy while allowing a clear view if desired.

The circular window required a unique installation and a lot of patience. I used mini peel and stick hooks to hang each strand. The rectangular window was much easier, as I hung the strands from an inside mount tension rod. A white white rod was the obvious choice so it would blend into the window molding. I absolutely love, love the results! I have privacy without compromising the light, and I still see through to the beautiful scenery. Also, it added so much to the look of my bathroom. The sunlight glints through the crystal beads and the windows look absolutely beautiful now. I think I’m on to something. Why limit this look to a bathroom? Imagine the beautiful possibilities.

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