Spring Air sets direction for 2024 with conclave of 13 domestic licensees

AURORA, Colo. – Spring Air International took its annual licensee meeting on the road this year to plan next year’s new marketing and product strategies.

The company gathers with its network of licensees each November to idea share and finalize its plans for the upcoming year. This year, the group met in Colorado where Old West Mattress Co. hosted as the team previewed upgrades for Chattam & Wells and Four Seasons lines, along with a new lineup of specialty beds set to debut at the January Las Vegas Market. Last year, the brand unveiled its new Chattam lineup that topped the $15,000 price point for the first time.

“This was an exceptional gathering of licensees who participated in key discussions on how we will continue to group our brand in the coming year,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International. “When you see the amazing engagement these top manufacturers have when they talk about Spring Air, it really is infectious.”

In addition to product, the company mapped out marketing strategies to help drive traffic at the upcoming market and the new year.

The crew wove in some fun during the two-day event, including golf, a Denver Nuggets game and dinner.

“Spring Air is going in the right direction with everything I see every day and what was presented at this conference,” said Les Mesner, CEO of Old West Mattress/Spring Air Denver. “We have a very cohesive group of colleagues that we can learn from and exchange ideas with.”

Old West joined the Spring Air manufacturing network last year, closing the company’s gap and giving the brand full coverage in all 50 states.

“The networking with other business leaders going through the same issues we face as a company is very helpful for me,” said John Grove, CEO of Greensboro, N.C.-based Mattress Grove/Spring Air North Carolina. “This is a rich gathering of entrepreneurs sharing ideas that will make us stronger as an organization. Our brand recognition is very strong right now because there is so much value in our products. Every factory in our network makes a great product. We can rely on this team.”

The Groves’ factory joined Spring Air in 1971 and is the oldest, continuously operating licensee.

Compass Sleep Products, based in Greenville, Fla., joined the network of licensees last year as a start-up manufacturer.

“There are great things I see coming from this brand,” said Ricky Riley, CEO of Compass Sleep. “They have developed and reimagined good product lines and have so many exciting things on the horizon for 2024.”

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