Sustainable and solid wood: Luxury closet furniture line debuts at New York’s ICFF

NEW YORK – Luxury Brazilian furniture manufacturer Ornare’s new West End collection includes a range of sustainably produced solid wood furniture for closets and dressing rooms. The line made its debut at the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.

West End includes a beauty line featuring a dressing room mirror with lighting and leather-topped surfaces; a bookcase including automated lighting and dimming; an Edge desk made of wood and carbon steel and featuring hidden sockets, dimmable lighting and natural leather; a customizable island with options of drawers or shelves in a variety of sizes and finishes; and a clothing rack made of steel, solid wood and leather.

Each piece is made up of FSC-certified ventilated solid wood, which Ornare says produces a “light and shadow” effect. Glass has a strong presence in drawers and islands, creating lit boxes that “generate sensory effects.” Leather also stands out, enabling organic shapes.

Visitors of New York’s ICFF were shown live demonstrations by Ornare’s craftsmen, who showed the meticulous process of creating each piece.

Ornare has showrooms in New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Greenwich and soon, Washington D.C., Boston and New Jersey. The new collection will be available worldwide, though a timeline wasn’t specified.

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