The 9 Room Reveals we shared in 2023

This year, we didn’t tackle all of the projects that hoped to (you can see our project predictions in this post), but we did manage to squeak out NINE reveals. Some of these were off-site. Some were small makeovers and some were larger scale. Let’s dive in and see how many you remember, and maybe some that you missed! Weigh in on your favorite in the comments (and read on to see what mine was).

  1. Becca’s Dining Room This was a one day makeover we did in January in our Good Influence(r) manager’s dining room. It was an all-hands on deck day with our team. You can see the whole process, and all the photos with sources right here.

2. Victoria’s Deck In this project, we really wanted to focus on maximizing a small space for layout and entertaining. In case you didn’t know, my sister, Victoria is a master entertainer and she now has the sweetest outdoor space. Victoria is also our brand manager and you might be wondering “how do you decide who on your team gets these projects done?” Whenever we have a sponsor that comes up where we aren’t able to do it in our home, employees who are interested throw their name in a hat and we literally pick a name out of a hat. We love to do projects outside of our team member’s homes, too! But the sponsor has to provide insurance coverage for that (lots of liability) and they aren’t always able to. Just a little fun fact. See more on Victoria’s deck here.

3. The Study. Am I allowed to pick a favorite project of the year? Because, THIS one!!! The transformation in the study this year was absolutely a journey, but we came out on top. Not only is the vibe of the space, so much more us. But the function and layout are exactly what we needed. This room went from being a show piece to a work horse…a beautiful work horse. And we’re so grateful we put the extra work in to it every day. See all the sources for the study right here!

4. Team Office: We more than doubled our team this year and that required moving into an office space, that we subsequently renovated. It’s not only my home away from home, but it’s our brand’s home so we really wanted to do what we could (our lease definitely has its limitations) to make it reflect us. More on our office space reveal here.

5. Freddy’s Nursery. This was a perfect project pairing of flying across the country to visit our best friends and their new baby, designing a boy’s nursery (so fun and different for us!!) and using a lot of pieces from our Pottery Barn Kids collection that launched this year!! More on Freddy’s super sweet nursery here.

6. Faye’s Room. Faye’s room renovation was meaningful from start to finish. All of our daughters have different interests, of course, but Faye really reminds me so much of myself at her age. Very interested in home design, in how things look, in the little details that make a space feel personal. We worked hand in hand on her room for a couple months and we made a drastic change that is such a bright whimsical spot in our home. More on her room here.

6. Front Yard Landscaping: After the major outdoor renovation we did since moving in, our front yard landscaping needed some love. Landscaping is definitely one of those things that is a large investment up front, in both time and money, and the pay off comes in years! We were able to keep a lot of mature trees and shrubs and can’t wait to see our new plantings grow in the years to come. More on the landscaping here.

7. Greta’s Room: Greta’s room has not gotten a full-blown renovation yet, but we did a few small things this year to really make it more her. We painted the walls and added curtains and a spot where she can paint and draw the days away–her real passion! More on Greta’s room here.

8. Dining Room. More often than not, we don’t have a starting point and finish line for the rooms we renovate. Rather, rooms evolve over time. This has definitely been the case for the dining room that continues to evolve (See all the iterations here). Most recently, we added a family gallery wall and candle sconces and a new table and it feels more home-y and ready for company than ever! See more on the dining room here.

9. Upstairs Powder Bath. Most recently, we completed and shared about the small powder bathroom we have upstairs. Another small makeover that packed a big punch. If you missed the reveal this week, or any of the sources, check out this post!

I told you my favorite, would love to hear yours!!!

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