The Serta sheep return with a new helpful attitude in latest ad campaign

DORAVILLE, Ga. – The flock of advertising sheep are back, and this time they aren’t disgruntled or mischievous.

Instead, in the latest Perfect Sleeper advertisement from Serta that spans television, digital and social media, the fluffy creatures are pitching in to offer helping hooves to the caregivers in the world: health care workers, moms and even our sweet pets.

Serta announced the creation of the campaign during the Summer Las Vegas Market. The ad went live this week (see above).

Watch from beginning to end for touching moments, and pay close attention at the 29-second mark for a sweet shot under a bed.

Serta introduced its Counting Sheep in 2000 as brand mascots when the sheep were put out of business in the commercials as the brand’s mattresses were deemed so comfortable that consumers no longer needed to count sheep to fall asleep. Through the years the flock has returned in a variety of mischievous story lines including in 2021 when they devised a mattress heist designed to make sleepers so uncomfortable the sheep would once again be needed.

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