The TikTok-Favorite Strawberry Vase

The Golden Webshop’s Strawberry Vase, now a TikTok favorite with almost 10k likes, is a must-have interior delight. Shaped like a luscious strawberry and available in an array of colors including pink, red, and green, these vases not only add a delightful touch but infuse a burst of vibrancy into every room.

With dimensions of 27 cm in height and 22 cm in diameter, the Strawberry Vase from TheGoldenWebshop, strikes a perfect balance, making it a statement piece without overwhelming the space. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these vases have proven to be indispensable, instantly brightening any room.

Whether you prefer the soft charm of pink, the bold vibrancy of red, or the natural allure of green, there’s a Strawberry Vase to suit every taste.

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